Elden Ring – How To Get To The Sorcery Merchant?

Learn from this guide on how to get to the Sorceress Sellen in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is an ARPG where every fight you take is an uphill battle. To aid you in your battles, you will need some good gear, that’s where Merchants come into the picture. There are many Merchants in Elden Ring that will sell and provide the Player with a lot of gear, Potions, & other similar items. One such Merchant that comes to mind is the Sorcery Merchant, Sorceress Sellen. In this guide, I will show you how you can get to Sorcery Merchant, Sorceress Sellen, in Elden Ring.

Sorcery Merchant Location in Elden Ring

sorcery merchant elden ring

In Elden Ring, getting to the Sorcery Merchant is not that hard. Well, not hard for Elden Ring’s standards. To get to Sorceress Sellen, you will have to battle a lot of enemies. First off, the Sorcery Merchant is found in Waypoint Ruins Cellar. The Waypoint Ruins is directly south of the Gatefront Ruins if you follow the road. Once you get there, you will be greeted with a lot of enemies and a Plant enemy that can deal Poison damage & Poison effect. Luckily you can just avoid them entirely. There will be an entrance to the underground Cellar. It will be directly in the middle of the Ruins. Just walk down and you will find the entrance.

sorcery merchant location

Once you get inside, you will have to face the Mad Pumpkin Head boss. It’s Elden Ring, a boss fight is going to occur every step of the way. Mad Pumpkin Head is tough so the best way to deal with him is by distracting him with a Spirit Summon like Lone Wolf Ashes. If you haven’t gotten the Spirit Calling Bell then here is how you can get it. Once distracted, attack from the back or at a distance. After you defeat him, you will be able to get to a door which was behind him and behind the door is the Sorcery Merchant, Sorceress Sellen, in Elden Ring.

This was all about finding the Sorcery Merchant in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Elden Ring Map Fragments Locations Guide.