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Sorcerer Rogier’s Set In Elden Ring: How To Get It & Complete the Questline

Learn how to get the Sorcerer Rogier's Set in Elden Ring from this guide.

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game set in the Lands Between. As such you will need the best weapons & armor to survive against the hordes of enemies. The game has a wide range of Weapons & some of them can even one-shot Bosses. But to use such weapons, we will need to have good armor. One such Armor is Sorcerer Rogier’s Set. It is an amazing Armor Set for Glintstone Mages. In this guide, I will show you how to get the Sorcerer Rogier’s Armor Set in Elden Ring.

How to Get Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring


sorcerer rogier set elden ring

Sorcerer Rogier is a Tarnished NPC who can be found in the Chapel under Stormveil. Head North from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace to meet him. Talk to him and you will begin his Questline. Upon completion of his Questline is when you will be able to get his Armor Set. So here is how you can get the Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring:

Finding Sorcerer Rogier


  • After talking to him in Stormveil, you will have to Beat Godrick the Grafted.
  • At this point, do not begin Ranni’s quest or Rogier’s Questline will disappear.
  • After beating Godrick, head back to the Roundtable Hold and you will find Rogier on the balcony.
  • Talk to him & you will get the Rogier’s Rapier +8.
  • Now from the North of the Chapel, you will find the Cliffside Chamber Site of Grace.
  • From there take a right and get to the bottom of the Castle, here is where you will have to beat the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  • After that, continue the path till you find an ancient, rotting face.
  • You should be able to find a Bloodstain on the floor that depicts how Rogier was injured.
  • Now get back to the Roundtable Hold and talk to Rogier.

Black Knifeprint

  • After talking to him, talk to Fia in the next room. Talk to her twice to Talk in secret.
  • During the conversation, you will get an option of Do you know. This will get Fia into talking about the Black Knifeprints.
  • Continue talking about it and she will give you the Knifeprint Clue.
  • The Knifeprint Clue leads you to the Minor Erdtree in Liurnia, specifically to the Black Knife Catacombs.
  • From the Site of Grace, head left and continue to the end of the passage.
  • Take a Left from there and get to the end of the passage. Now take the right which will lead you to a room with a trap room of Giant blades.
  • Jump on the middle one and get onto the ledge.
  • Follow the passage till the end where you will hit an Illusory Wall. Break it to fight the main boss of the Catacombs.
  • Defeat the Black Knife Assassin to get the Black Knifeprint.
  • Go back to Rogier in the Roundtable Hold & talk to him.
  • After handing him the Black Knifeprint, reload the area & talk to him again.


Talking to Ranni – Final step to get the Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring

  • This time, there will be an option of Ranni’s whereabouts. Click on it and it will lead you straight to Ranni’s Rise. It is located Northwest of Liurnia.
  • Go and talk to Ranni, after which go back to Rogier & talk to him.
  • Rogier will ask you to become Ranni’s Vassal. Accept it, go back to Ranni & talk to her.
  • This will begin Ranni’s Questline.
  • Now get back to Rogier & talk to him. At this point, he will say that he is falling into a deep slumber.
  • He is growing more ill from his condition. Upon reloading the area & talking to him, he will not respond but moan in agony.
  • Visiting him again will lead you to his Dead body and the items:
    • Sorcerer Rogier’s Armor Set:
      • Hat
      • Attire
      • Gloves
      • Trousers
    • Rogier’s Bell Bearing.

This was all about getting the Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Elden Ring Miquella’s Needle.