Sony Issuing Refunds After Anthem Causes The Console To Crash

If things weren’t bad enough for Anthem, as the game has failed to meet its expectations it is now being reported that Sony is allowing some customers to get their money back, although Sony does not has a refund policy it is reimbursing players for their purchase of Anthem after the game caused hard crashes for many players.

Anthem is facing a new glitch which boots the players out of the game and even in some cases shutting off the consoles entirely. The hard crashes require the power cord to be pulled out of the PS4 which could ultimately damage the console beyond repair.

Due to the backlash the game is receiving, Sony has already refunded a few gamers for their purchase and that is totally dependant on who answers the call at the complaints department.

With so many issues lingering in the game, it would have been probably wise to not release the game in such a bad condition and probably delay it until these things were fixed beforehand.

The situation seems to be spiraling out of EA and BioWare’s hand and there is not much they can do soon enough to fix it. Maybe we will see them come up with the solutions soon but the damage has already been done.

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Anthem is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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