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Sony Is Planning PlayStation 5 Game Reveal Event for June 3, According To Several Journalists

There are many journalists who are reporting that Sony will show its PlayStation 5 presentation on June 3 with a large list of games for the new generation of console.


One of them is the trusted Jason Schreier who has reported that the June 3 rumors are the most well-founded so far, but in times of pandemic the final date may still change. However, this is unlikely. Earlier, the editor of Eurogamer Tom Phillips hinted at the date of the presentation, and later this information was confirmed by VentureBeat employee Jeff Grubb.

During the event next Wednesday, according to the report, Sony will focus on the next-gen and on the PlayStation 5, perhaps showing part of the line-up and the final design of the console that still remains a mystery today.

The reporter Jeff Grubb, who previously predicted many events correctly, is also clearly hinting at a presentation on June 3, when he previously said something would be on June 4.


Sony has not yet officially announced when the PS5 presentation will take place, but that it will happen sometime in the next week and it seems to be true. Tonight there is a special State of Play for The Last of Us Part 2. We suspect that Sony will announce the presentation after the State of Play or tomorrow.

According to reports, similar to the launch of the PS3, the Japanese company may sell the PlayStation 5 at a loss to actively fill the user base. And the loss of profit can be compensated by PS Plus and PS Now services, as well as sales of the current generation consoles – PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Even though the information comes from very good sources, a date change cannot be ruled out. However, it must be recalled that Sony confirmed in recent days that it is indeed preparing a presentation of the PlayStation 5 games. So it is a matter of waiting for official information.