PS5 “Hefty Next-Gen Showcase” Event on June 4, Next State of Play In August – Rumor

By Dinesh
2 Min Read

The next month of June is approaching fast, which is typically expected by millions of players around the world for E3 in Los Angeles, the most important event of the year for the gaming world. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, as you already know, the event has been canceled, and in its place, we will have several digital events, including a PS5 reveal event.

One of these, at least according to the information of several important figures in the industry, such as the former journalist of Kotaku Jason Schreier and Jeffrey Grubb of VentureBeat, will be dedicated exclusively to the presentation of the highly anticipated PS5, next-generation console that will debut on the market at end of the year.

Jeffrey Grubb updated his particular list of summer video game events in a recent tweet, introducing several changes (such as the confirmed trailer for the Mafia trilogy to be shown tomorrow on Tuesday) and adding the aforementioned State of Play for early of August.

Now according to a further intervention by Grubb, in his second tweet, he has posted that an event is expected for the next month on June 4th. Many PS5 games and features will be shown, but further titles will be revealed in August during a new appointment with the State Of Play livestream – the last one, as we remember, was entirely dedicated to Ghost Of Tsushima.

“It’s hard to nail down details because things are still in flux. But June 4 is a hefty next-gen showcase. August should be like previous States of Play (but now with PS5 games!),” Grubb mentioned via his Twitter profile.

Obviously, at the moment, we are waiting for an official confirmation from Sony, so we would urge you to take this information with due precautions and it should be treated as what it is: a rumor.