Sony Engineer says Due To Large Fan of PS5 the Console Is So Big

With the PS5, the largest console of our time to date will be released next month. As the engineers of Sony noted, in particular Otori Yasuhiro, due to the large fan of PS5, the console is so big.

In addition to the previously announced games and the fast SSD, the size of the PlayStation 5 in particular has provided plenty of talking points in recent weeks.

The bottom line is that the PS5 is no less than the largest console of our time. The engineer of Sony, Otori Yasuhiro, addressed this topic in an interview and pointed out that we are dealing here with a conscious design decision by the responsible hardware team. The large heat sink was needed to cool both sides of the mainboard accordingly.

As Yasuhiro explained, PS5 could have been released in a smaller form if those responsible had decided not to use a large heat sink, but rather two smaller fans – one for each side of the console. However, controlling multiple fans would have been more complicated to handle than the current PS5 solution.

According to Yasuhiro, a further complication would have been that the solution with two fans would have resulted in higher production costs. To what extent Sony would have been able to send the PlayStation 5 into the race at the targeted price with this step, Yasuhiro left open. Fortunately, this question does not arise in the end anyway.

In the USA, the PlayStation 5 will be available in two different versions from November 12, 2020. The classic model of the console is offered at a price of $499. Number two in the league is the digital edition of the PS5. As the name suggests, we are dealing with a version of the console that is aimed at customers who will get games digitally anyway. Accordingly, the digital edition, which costs $399, does not have an optical drive for reasons of cost.