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Sony Defends Price Hike of Exclusive PS5 Games

Some PS5 games will cost around $70 at launch. But why did Sony raise the price of several first-party games? Jim Ryan spoke on the matter.


Companies like Take-Two Interactive, Gearbox, and Activision started raising the prices of their games. And Sony recently made it clear that some first-party PS5 games will cost $70 USD in the future.

The fact that such amounts do not always have to be paid at many retailers, at least in the months after the launch, it is another piece of paper. But why is Sony asking more for many games than was the case with the PS4 games? PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan provided an answer in a recent interview with Naver.

According to Ryan, Sony’s plan is to provide “a truly next-generation experience” by delivering “the best exclusive games on the market.”

“It is difficult to talk about the overall game market or other game consoles, but I think the value is obvious in the case of the PS5,” he said. “We’ll excite fans around the world with the best exclusive games on the market today and deliver a truly next-generation device experience that will captivate them.”

Ultimately, the PS5 starts with a decent range of games, including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls Remake, Destruction AllStars, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. And indeed, many players named the exclusive games in a survey that encouraged them to pre-order the PS5.

The head of marketing emphasized that $70 games are currently an exception and at the same time he named several launch titles that will not be brought onto the market for a premium price.


Since the Redmond-based first-party games always end up in the Xbox Game Pass and can be played at a flat rate for a few dollars a month, higher game prices will be difficult to enforce. According to Greenberg, the price tag of a game only plays a subordinate role because of the subscription service.