Sony Confirms There’s “Lots More Life in the PS4”

Good news for fans of PS4 as you can still have a lot of fun with the current generation console of Sony, if you don’t want to buy the PS5 right at the start. Because, as Sony explains, the company continues to invest in the current generation of consoles strongly.

It is tempting to switch directly to the start of a new generation of consoles. However, some players were wondering whether the jump from PS4 to PS5 is really necessary: ​​what about the current generation? Are there still new games coming out?

The new consoles come onto the market at a relatively high price. Sony has not yet released it, but it is very unlikely that the PS5 will be released at the current price of the PS4. Therefore, some players are already asking themselves whether they should switch immediately. The decision depends on whether the current generation will continue to be supported by games.

This was asked to Matt MacLaurin, Vice President of UX design at Playstation, on LinkedIn. “You’ll be fine, lots more life in the PS4 (pro I hope?),” MacLaurin wrote. Another commenter wrote that “I am a little worried now I might have to buy a new PS5,” to which McLaurin simply replied by saying that “Take your time. We’re still investing strongly in PS4.”

You don’t have to switch right away, so if you are thinking about waiting to buy the PS5, for example, until more games are available or the price has dropped a bit, then you do not have to fear to stand with a console that is not supported in the long run.

Although Matt MacLaurin did not explain how far the PS4 will continue to be supported, at least for the first time after the introduction of the PS5, new games for the current generation should continue to be available, apart from titles that are developed exclusively for the next-gen and therefore only run on the PS5.

Recall that PS5 will be released at the end of 2020.