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Sony Officially Confirms PlayStation 5 Release Date Of Holidays 2020

Sony has finally announced that they will be releasing their next-generation console called the PS5, during the 2020 holiday period, as reports earlier showcased the PS5 will have an SSD instead of an HDD, with it the PS5 will use 100 GB optical disks and will use an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Bluray player. and few changes have been made to the controller too as the Dual Shock 5 will release with the PS5.

A new revised interface will replace the one on the PS4 and you will no longer have to launch a game to know what missions can be done in a game. The PS5 will also let players decide which part of the game they would like to install or uninstall which will be the first instance of selective preference in gaming.


This will allow players to specifically install only a certain part of the game without needing the rest. The Dual Shock 5 controller is replacing the rumble motor for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which will let you select the amount of tension you would like to apply in the game.

The PS5 controllers will use the USB Type-C wires replacing the old micro USB cables for better charging speeds. Ray Tracing seems to be the next level in graphics as more and more games have been pushing this new technology.

All these features will offer game studios more control and new flexibility in designing their games and this is exactly what Jim Ryan Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO is looking forward to.


It’s almost a year until the consoles hit the stores, looking at the success of the PS4, it will be interesting to see if the PS5 can match it or surpass it with more than 100 million units sold of the PS4, it will certainly be a tough task to beat.

We’ll be covering more stories about the next generation of consoles as and when new information is available.

You can check out Sony’s official blog about the PS5 right here.