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Sony Almost Charged Next-Gen PS5 Games Above $70

Sony almost charged games of the new generation a little more expensive, which in the western countries sometimes leads to prices of $70 for a standard version. But it could have been above than that.


Some publishers like Take-Two announced before the start of the new generation that buyers of PS5 and Xbox Series X games would have to expect higher prices. Sony also came to the conclusion that a price increase was necessary.

In the US, many games will cost $70 instead of $60 in the future. In the European countries, Sony charges up to 80 EUR for full-priced games. But it could have been worse. According to a report from Bloomberg, some managers were not averse to pushing game prices even higher.

“At one point, Sony discussed going even higher before settling at $70. Many of the game executives requested anonymity, apparently because they recognize the move is unpopular. In many cases, companies won’t acknowledge the fee increase, saying only that prices will vary by title,” said the publication in a report on game prices over the years.

A look at the launch lineup of the PlayStation 5 makes it clear that Sony’s prices also vary and that retailers sometimes do their own thing. Sony defended higher game prices in the past with quality. The company aims to “excite fans around the world with the best exclusive games on the market today and deliver a truly next-generation device experience that will captivate them,” said Jim Ryan recently.

In fact, Sony is taking a slightly different path than many other publishers. The company focuses in large part on classic single-player experiences that are self-contained and offer a complete gaming experience. In times of microtransactions, lengthy seasons, and masses of chargeable additional content, quite a few players are likely to be reluctant to pay a slightly higher price for it.