How To Solve Lament Dial Puzzle In Remnant 2

Unable to get through the Locked Door in the Lament Dungeons? Here's how you can solve the Dial Puzzle to open that locked door.

Solving the Lament Dial Puzzle will unlock the Door ahead for you in Remnant 2. This dungeon in Yaesha hides tons of risky spots but also some precious rewards. Eventually, you will stumble across this door that requires you to solve the Dial puzzle nearby. You need to rotate the dials and align the correct symbols in a straight line to successfully solve the puzzle. But what can you do to find the four correct symbols? Scroll down to know about it.

How to Solve Door Puzzle at Lament in Remnant 2

How To Solve Lament Dial Puzzle In Remnant 2
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The first step of solving the locked door puzzle at Lament is exploring the dungeon. Nearby the puzzle area, you can find and interact with a book. There will be a symbol on the first page of that book. Observe and memorize the color & pattern of that symbol. That symbol is going to be of major help while solving the Lament door puzzle in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: Dead Bodies in Lament

Now head over to the area with coffins and dead bodies covered with blankets on top. If you notice carefully, each blanket will have a symbol made on it. So, find four such blankets with the same symbol as shown in the book. Once you find any of them, look near the head of the dead body. There will be symbols carved on the wall. Memorize all those 4 symbols and go back to the Lament dial puzzle to open that locked door in Remnant 2.

Rotate the dial and align those 4 symbols in a straight line in any order. Successfully completing the above steps will solve the Lament puzzle and open the door ahead of you.

Note: The symbol shown in the book is completely randomized for everyone. 

That’s all you can do to solve the Lament Door Puzzle in Remnant 2. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then make sure to check out our Remnant 2 section. We have stacked up tons of such helpful content there.