How To Solve The Bridge Puzzle In Hogwarts Legacy

Here is how you can easily solve the bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle is one of the many secrets that you will come across in Hogwarts Legacy. And just like many puzzles in this game, you can be stuck here for a while as to how to solve it. Since it isn’t a part of the main story, there are no obvious hints surrounding it either. So here is how you can solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Solve the Bridge Puzzle

hogwarts legacy how to solve the viaduct courtyard bridge puzzle

You can solve the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle by matching the numbers and the Symbols on the ground with the ones on the Braziers. The reason many players are stuck here is that there seems to be no way to interact with the symbols or the Braziers. But you actually need to light the Braziers using Confringo or Incendio first in order to rotate them. Here is the full solution to the bridge puzzle:

  1. Go to The Library Annex.
  2. At one end of the bridge leading there, you will find four symbols and numbers in a circle on the ground. Refer above image for reference. The numbers and symbols are:
    • Triangle with 6 lines – I
    • Crescent moon with a line – II
    • Triangle with a circle & line – III
    • Diamond with an X – IV
  3. You can find two Braziers just next to the puzzle.
  4. Light them up and rotate them until it matches the numbers on the ground.
  5. Similarly, go to the other end of the bridge and change the numbers of the remaining two Braziers. You can light all four of them in any order you like.
  6. After you light them up with the correct numbers. The manhole with the puzzle will open.
  7. You will now complete the Solve Hogwarts Secrets Challenge.

Descend the now-revealed ladder, and below you can find 3 chests. The large chest on the opposite end gives you an Unidentified Item. You can use Revelio to find them faster.

That covers this guide on how to solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. If you are interested in more side activities you should check our guides on how to fill empty paintings, and how to complete Ghost of our Love side quest. And for more help on this game be sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.