How To Complete Ghost Of Our Love Quest In Hogwarts Legacy (Treasure Map)

Here is where you can find the Ghost of our Love Treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy.

Ghost of our Love is an interesting side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that you get after finding a treasure map. And like most treasure maps this one can also be a bit confusing to understand a bit at first. But just like using Lumos, allow me to enlighten you. So here is how you can complete the Ghost of our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy and where you can find the treasure map and floating candles.

How to Complete the Ghost of Our Love Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts where to find treasure map for ghost of our love and quest guide
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You have to find the treasure map and follow the floating candles to the Forbidden Forest to complete the Ghost of our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy. We will check how to find the treasure map in a bit, but for now, here is the solution to this quest.

  1. Fast travel to the Floo Flame that takes you to the Forbidden Forest.
  2. Make sure you go there at night. You can change the time if it already isn’t night using the map.
  3. From the spawn location, go southwest toward the start of the Stone bridge.
  4. Here, cast Lumos and three floating candles will appear.
  5. Now, all you need to do is follow them around in the Forbidden Forest until you reach a picnic spot with two chairs and a table.

A chest will spawn here. Open this chest to get the Treasure-Seeker’s scarf and you will complete the Ghost of our Love quest.

Where to find the Treasure Map for Ghost of Our Love Quest?

You can find this treasure map at the top of the tower in Owlery. You have a higher chance of finding this map as a Ravenclaw. This is because you will go to this location to complete Ollivander’s Heirloom. This is part of The Hunt for Missing pages quest. The problem here is, a section of this quest is different for each house. For example, as a Gryffindor, you will have to find Jackdaw’s head in the pumpkins.

But let us not digress. Regardless of which house you are from you can go to this place after Hogsmeade becomes available to you and when you need to meet Richard Jackdaw.

That covers this guide on the treasure map and the floating candles locations and how to complete the Ghost of our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy. For more such quest guides you should check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.