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How To Find Jackdaw’s Head In Hogwarts Legacy (Hunt For Missing Pages Quest)

Here is where you can find Jackdaw's Head among the Pumpkins in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Hunt for the Missing Pages is the fourteenth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy with an interesting twist. This quest requires you to find your lead to the book’s missing pages. And with each house this quest changes. So if your house happens to be Gryffindor, here is how you can find Jackdaw’s Head in the pumpkins in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find Jackdaw’s Head in the Pumpkins in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy find jackdaws head in the pumpkins easily
Image Credit: FP Good Game on YouTube

You need to use Expelliarmus on Shaking Pumpkins to find Jackdaw’s Head in Hogwarts Legacy. This puzzle is part of The Hunt for Missing pages quest. And while you can go around shooting every pumpkin you see. It will just be more time-consuming. So here is a better and faster method:

  1. The pumpkins you are looking for will be shaking violently. So if you walk past them slowly and carefully, you most likely won’t miss them.
  2. Once you find one quickly destroy it and the ghost will go around shaking another pumpkin.
  3. After you destroy 5 of them go and talk to Dumfrey Westland. He will let you talk to Richard Jackdaw.

This will complete this section of The Hunt for Missing Pages quest. You can make this quest even easier by using the spell Revelio to find the pumpkins faster.

In order to continue the rest of the quest, go to the Forbidden Forest’s edge and talk to Richard Jackdaw. This will then start the Jackdaw’s Rest quest and he will take you to the location in the Forbidden Forest where he died. From here and based on the path given by him you can find the missing pages.

That covers this guide on how to find Jackdaw’s Head in the Pumpkins in Hogwarts Legacy. You should also find our other guides useful on how to change clothes and the best brooms in the game. And for more things on this game check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki guide.