Where To Find All Solomon Richards Movie Prop Locations In GTA Online

Solomon Richards has 10 different movie props scattered all over Los Santos in the latest update of GTA Online and you are tasked with tracking and finding them. If you want to know all the locations of the movie props, check this article out.

All Solomon Richards Movie Prop Locations In GTA Online

Solomon Richards is a film producer in GTA 5 who works with Michael and can be seen available in GTA Online as well, he will task you with finding things in GTA Online where you will need to bring them back so that he can continue working on his films. The new update Los Santos Summer Special brings Soloman back to the forefront of GTA Online.

The best thing about this mission is the fact that 7 out of the 10 movie props can be found in a single place with the rest three will be in random locations and you will need to track down three marked cars to recover them.

Prop 1: Film Reel

The first prop that you have to find for Solomon is the lost film reel, it can be found at Backlot City which is located in the middle of Los Santos. Simply arrive at the area shown below and approach the Richard Majestic Productions building. Search around the place and look for a trash can, this is directly outside Solomon’s office and is a questionable place to hide a film reel.

The reel belongs to a film called Meltdown, and if you dig deep enough you will see Michael De Santa’s name in the producer’s section of the film.

Prop 2: WIFA Award

The second prop is the WIFA Award and every producer treasures their awards as they recognize the achievements the film has been credited with. For the award, you will need to go to South Los Santos and enter the Strawberry neighborhood. As soon as you get to the Strawberry, go towards the northern part of this place and look for a strip club named Vanilla Unicorn.

Once inside, go towards the end and find the back office here. On the table, you will see the WIFA Award statue, bring it back and that’s about it.

Prop 3: Headdress

This one is classic Hollywood, as you’re tasked with finding a Headdress which is like a headband sort of thing. You can find this at Vinewood, once here you will need to enter Diamond Casino and Resort building.

The headdress can be found in the restrooms located at the very back of the casino. Find the urinals and you will the headdress over here. Take it back and you will complete finding the third movie prop for Solomon.

Prop 4: Alien Head

Movies are a blend of fact and fiction coming together to create a new world for the audience and you will need to find an alien head as part of the prop for Solomon. To find the alien head, simply go to Sandy Shores and find the Beam Me Up art installation. Here look for an alien mask from the film franchise Alien, grab it and you will be done with it.

Prop 5: Mummy Head

If the alien head wasn’t weird enough, for prop 5 you need to find a Mummy’s head and you will need to get on Route 68 and get to the Harmony area of Grand Senora Desert. Once here, find the Great Chaparral Clubhouse and head north until you see an abandoned house over here. On the porch, you will see the mummy head prop lying here.

This is probably one of the easiest props to find in this quest, all you have to do is get on the highway and look for the exact location.

Prop 6: Clapperboard

No movie would ever get done without a clapperboard and you will need to find this next. All you have to do is get to the western part of the map and reach Lago Zancudo. Once here find Fort Zancudo and look for the air traffic tower.

Enter the building and find the control room and pick up the clapperboard which can be found on the operations desk.

Prop 7: Monster Mask

The monster mask can be found in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area. You will need to infiltrate the residence of the Cult of Altruists, here on the western side you will see a big boulder and on top, you will see a monster mask on it.

Prop 8: Red Pony Van

Here is where things can get a bit difficult, as there is no fixed location where you can the van, but there are three locations where the van is likely to spawn. Luckily all of these three locations are relatively close to each other.

  • 1. Rockford Hill – Once you get to Rockford Hills, search for the Epsilon Center parking lot.
  • 2. Tongva Drive – Go to the University of San Andreas and try to find the van over here.
  • 3. Pacific Bluffs – Here try fiding the Kotz Center parking lot to look for the van.

Prop 9: White Rumpo Van

Like the previous van, this too does not have a fixed location and you can find it in three places that are extremely close to each other.

  • 1. Textile City – Here look for the Simmet Ally parking lot.
  • 2. La Mesa – Get to La Mesa and search near the Darnel Bros. parking lot.
  • 3. San Andreas Avenue Bridge – You will need to check out the entire bridge to find the van randomly cruising.

Prop 10: Black Rebel Pickup

Finally, all you have to do is look for a black pickup and it has a random spawn point, but we’ve found 4 different locations where you can find it. The places are nearby and you won’t have to travel to all the ends of the map.

  • 1. Paleto Bay – Look nearby the parking lot of Willie’s Supermarket
  • 2. Paleto Bay – Search the area behind The Hen House.
  • 3. Mount Chiliad – Look for a black pick up driving along the Great Ocean Highway.
  • 4. Procopio Beach – Once at the beach, try checking out the Procopio Truck Stop.

This is all there is to know about all the location of the movie prop for Solomon in GTA Online. Make sure to check out other guides on GTA Online right here.