Solasta Beginners Guides: All Tips And Tricks

Want to get better at Solasta: Crown of the Magister? Check out these essential tips And tricks

These Solasta tips and tricks will help you to get the perfect start in the game and set you and your party up for anything that might surprise you. Check these tips so that you’re ready for whatever may come your way in Solasta.

Solasta Beginners Guide All Tips & Tricks

Check out these tips from our Solasta Beginner’s guide to guide you on your journey from the capital of Caer Cyflen to every corner of the Solasta right here. These tips include things like knowing when to engage in fights, how to make use of verticality & more.

Solasta Beginner's Guide All Tips & Tricks

Character Creation

Character creation in Solasta is very important as in every D&D game that you might have played, make sure that you use the points that you have and build a character with a clear plan right from the start. This will help you to progress easily and with much clarity and drive.

Character creation is something that will help you to get a clear understanding of how you want your characters to progress and then progress. It all starts here, if you’re not happy with your stats you can always reroll and assign appropriate points to the proper elements. Just make sure that you do not randomize it and then regret it later.

Party Balance

Before you set out on your adventure ask yourself if your party good enough to handle anything that this game throws at you? Do you have characters on your party that can perform certain specific things when the need arises and not just all brutes who want to charge into battle?

Having a good party balance will not only give you complete protection against every enemy but you can assign individual characters certain tasks that they excel in and this will just completely revolutionize how you play Solasta. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of your party members and then covering them up with others will help you get a complete experience.

Short And Long Rest

Both of these mechanics work differently and should be used for different reasons, short rests can be used to take some moment off but longer rests will require you to rent a room and relax, a campfire, or travel. Both of these things can only be possible if there are no enemies nearby.

When you’re traveling further away in the game, your party will frequently require long rests, make sure that you have all the resources that you’re going to need along the way. While your party can forage for food, it is better to be prepared.

Resting in Solasta allows you to even a piece of your gear to any party member of your choice, this will help them gain benefits from the gear that you give. This is one of the best Solasta tips that will help you a long way in the game.

Lighting & Verticality

Lighting is a new concept that a lot of players won’t be familiar with but a lot of attacks happen when it’s dark, so it is necessary to light up all the stable lighting fixtures that you can find. This will not only reveal enemies to you but also show you vantage points so that you can safely take them out without having to deal with damages.

Verticality in Solasta is a great aspect shown in the game, while you might think about ignoring this mechanic it sure does come in handy. You can throw off enemies from ledges and cliffs if you plan ahead, brutes may do the same to you, so be careful who you try to corner off.

Both these mechanics help to give you another angle and perspective when it comes to combat in the game, this will certainly add a ton of creativity and alternate ideas when you master them.


Inventory management cannot be understated, food is going to be your primary source of health apart from spells and you will need to plan what things you’re going to need to have with you. Carrying everything all the time will only work against you.

Knowing your character’s strengths will help you to understand how much you can carry as it is tied to it. Weak characters won’t be able to carry much but you can give them items that can help you stay in the fight. Knowing the stats and abilities of your party is key in this.

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Unknown Objects

While unknown objects might seem useless at first, always make sure to cast a spell-like Detect Magic on them. This will reveal to you what the object is and instead of getting a few pieces of gold, you might just be able to get your hands on a treasure load.

Often times you’re going to find objects that are unknown and no matter how strong and powerful your party is, you should always check out its true nature before discarding it.

Diplomacy Helps

Fighting every battle will only make things work, sometimes it pays to be a silver-tongued devil and walking out of a fight unharmed. This is true in Solasta as well, you will be able to find situations where drawing arms will be unnecessary. Doing this might even help to get you to get rewards.

Before you start your conversations, it might be wise to put your character with the most charisma ahead and let them talk their way out. It can prove to be a nifty little trick that will help you to save tons of resources and even your lives.


Crafting for food and other consumables is of prime importance in Solasta, your character class will determine your efficiency in crafting, and according to that, you will need to gather resources that will come in handy. The battles in this game can get chaotic pretty quickly, keeping that in mind having the most necessary things will only benefit you.

This will also cut down all the aimless wandering for supplies as you will know exactly what to get from merchants. One of the best things this game allows players to do is craft consumables while traveling.

Travel Time

Continuing from the previous point, using long-distance travel to whip up potions and other consumables will have you prepared for battles. Not only does this allow you to formulate your next plan of action, but you can also ensure that your game performs certain actions after assigning a perfect command.

You can have the game to pause so that you do not get attacked after completing something. Travel Time does not have to be you just going to different places, use this time for your party to level up and be stronger than before.

Manual Saves

There’s a lot that can go wrong in Solasta, and while getting a perfect score and things can be a bit difficult. Manually saving and loading up your game can help you to rectify your own mistakes, this means that saving before everything important that you do will help you from committing a mistake.

Saving often will help you to correct mistakes that you make, while the game has an autosave system that works every time you enter a fight. Having a file saved up just before you do something that might put you in a dilemma is worth the effort.

These are the best Solasta beginner’s tips that you should keep an eye on. Solasta has an entire world of things to explore which we recommend that you get to right this instant, but make sure to keep these tips and tricks in mind.

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