Top MMORPGs To Play In 2023

Here are the top MMORPGs that you do not want to miss out on.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) have been proven to be one of the apex gaming genres with respect to the users as well as businesses. Their increasing popularity within the gaming community has attracted everyone from the investors, the developers to the general masses. This has resulted in several MMORPG releases. We have covered a few in our previous articles. In this list, we are featuring the top released and awaited MMORPGs of 2023.


Here is a list of the best newly awaited and released MMORPG games that you need to play.


Corepunk MMORPG Game

Corepunk, with the undertone of the traditional MMORPG style and open seamless world has brought in a new twist to the genre by getting the mobile style top-down perspective with fog-of-war. The players have to explore the environment as they move to give a different kind of surprise element to their discoveries. The fog shadows anything from treasures to enemies. You can choose your character as the game starts with each character having its own unique styles and skills.

The players can expect to witness a broad range of features from PvP, PvE battles to raids, and more in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The uniqueness of this game and the tactical elements added to it gives the game its much-deserved hype and for all the right reasons. This online role-playing game is set to release on the Microsoft Windows platform with a Buy-to-play + cosmetics business type.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG

With over 20 million users and a good number of awards and nominations under its belt, this game pretty much speaks for itself. The game has risen from ashes after the initial negative feedback by the players and has made its way to one of the most popular MMORPG of all time. The game is fully cross-platform allowing access to every kind of gamer to play collectively.

Final Fantasy 14 is good for new players of the franchise as it’s an independent game with very vague connections to the previous series and players can play it as a standalone. FF14 gameplay is huge with plenty of quests and multiple environments and highly customizable characters. It is sure one of the legendary games in the MMORPG genre of gaming, especially in 2023.


Skyforge MMORPG

Who would not want to know what it feels like to be God? Well, here we have Skyforge, the AAA free-to-play sci-fi action that will give you a chance to play like a God. The game has got a couple of award titles and nominations under its ‘belt and a few criticisms too which soon turned into compliments over time. The plot revolves around defending your character’s land Aelion from an invasion. The game starts with character customization which are immortals possessing celestial powers and as it progresses, the player experiences full-blown PvE and PvP scenarios.

The visuals are out worldly and making the players feel like they are living within a fantasy dream. Scaling from 3v3 to 10v10 fights, the game goes all out with the ability to switch between 17 classes at any point in the game with numerous combat missions. The players get to experience multiple perspectives and storylines within a single game making it one of the must-try on our MMORPG list. The game is accessible on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

EVE Online


EVE Online is simply an experience like never before. Classified as a AAA game, the beauty of this space exploration MMORPG sandbox game is that functions on a single server for every player logged in and they all share the same universe allowing them to potentially interact with each other. The users can have three characters per account and no upper limit on the accounts. The character taken by players called capsuleers has 4 races to choose from and has a thriving player economy with 5 career options. The game is passive progressive meaning your character’s training skills advance in real-time, even when you are logged off of the game and have the feature to queue skills while you are offline.

Eve Online is a social game with corporations within the game which are essentially in-game player communities. This game gets the players investing mentally and emotionally with never-ending possibilities and complexities. Keep in mind, we are just scratching the surface here. The users playing for decades are still meeting with a new discovery almost every day.

New World

New World

Another sandbox on our 2023 MMORPG games is a buy-to-play game: New World. This open-world game allows players to toggle between a third person and a first-person view. The game takes place on an island named Aeternum with 1000 other players in a mid 1600s environment. Including both PvP and PvE content, the game has a base of tactical action and crafting.

The game also switches between divine scenic views to dark eerie environments taking the player on a roller coaster of experiences and emotions. From dark magic to fierce beasts, the game covers numerous characters and locations that are just breathtaking and scary at the same time. The game will launch on PC.


Neverwinter 1

All our Dungeons & Dragons fans out there would want to get a first-hand experience on this free-to-play MMORPG game, Neverwinter. Unlike the other MMOs, this game is playable in small doses instead of a time-invested rally. The game also features a max of 20 player zones and any new addition will create a new zone altogether. Being said that, the game is not a hardcore MMORPG, unlike other games which are sometimes what players would want and would like to take at their own pace. The players can expect to face combat-style fighting and epic dungeons.

A very unique aspect of the game is that it allows players to create their own missions through the Foundry tool. Players who want to just play by themselves and create their own little world of quests, adventures, and gameplay can find this element very useful. The game is accessible through PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

If you do not know about the Star Trek Universe, you are probably living under a rock. It has a worldwide fan following and masses playing the game.  Star Trek Online version is set 30 years ahead of Star Trek: Nemesis. Even if you know nothing about this universe, Star Trek Online can be indulging as a standalone. It is a space and ground shooter with a core of combat-style fights.

The game lets players be the captain of their own ship. They can basically choose and customize any ship from any of the eras of the universe. This is a pretty cool feature in the game. Vast with numerous missions and an already existing fanbase which makes it one of our picks for 2023. The game is now free-to-play and will get you glued to your chair instantly.

World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft 1

The Warcraft Fantasy Universe has been able to keep its fans hooked for 16 years now. No one is complaining though. The evergreen game is an open-world MMORPG with a first and third-person shooter requiring a subscription to play. WoW allows you to create customized characters and you can create 10 characters per game in one realm.

The gameplay will just suck you in its own world with unimaginable characters to quests and raids and loots that seem unrealistically real. The game is also constantly updating and is very rewarding in terms of gameplay and discoveries. Hughe masses are active players and the game has been successful in getting constant new sign-ups every day.

With the increasing number of new MMORPG releases and developments, we narrowed down your search for the top MMOPRG of 2023. For anime, MMORPGs check out our best anime MMORPG list