Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Soft Caps For Every Stat

Want to know all Soft caps? Here's everything to know about Soft Caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Following the Soulsgame formula, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features different stats for players to build their character. But with limited skill or attribute points, it’s crucial to know their soft caps. If you can focus only on one stat, you might struggle to level or respeccing the other stats. And if a stat has hit the Soft cap, leveling or upgrading them is useless. That’s because they will offer you lesser bonuses. But what are the soft caps for every stat? Check out our guide to know all the soft caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Soft Caps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty (Explained)

soft caps wo long fallen dynasty all stats

The Soft caps of every stat hits when leveling or upgrading your stats don’t offer enough bonuses. For example, when you level up a certain stat, it offers 30% bonuses. But when you upgrade it for the fourth or fifth time, you get only 10%. That being said, upgrading your stats would simply waste your skill points or Genuine Qi. Hence, it is important to know the soft caps of different stats.

In total, there are five main stats known as Virtues in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. These Virtues or stats can be increased and leveled up by spending the Genuine Qi. But the soft caps for every stat vary from one another. Thanks to the Reddit user, u/HappierShibe and u/TheFiGhTiNCoWBoY, we have got Soft caps for all the stats.

The soft cap for the Equip weight load is 35 Earth. So, here’s the Soft cap for every stat in Wo Long:

  • Wood Spirit Defense: 40 level
  • Metal Spirit Sustainability: Note that this stat sharply drops after it hits the first soft cap.
    • First Soft cap – 10 level
    • Second Soft cap – 22 level
    • Third Soft Cap – 50 level
  • Spirit Consumption Rate:
    • First Soft Cap – 15 level
    • Second Soft Cap – 30 level
    • Third Soft Cap – 46 level
  • The Spirit Gain and Spell duration rate for attacking and deflecting stats seem linear per two points.

If you want to respec and change your stats, respec is free in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You can unlock the respec after completing the fifth Main mission. Once you complete this mission, you can interact with the Battle Flag to respec your stats or virtues.

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