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Minecraft 1.18 Where To Find Snowy Slopes, Groves & Meadows In Bedrock & Java

Looking to explore the new biomes in Minecraft 1.18. Check out our guide to know about Snowy Slopes, Groves, and Meadows.

Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update has been released. And it comes packed with a lot of things. These changes include how the world generates. But that is not all that is new, the game even introduces three new biomes for you to explore. So in this guide let us take a look at where to find snowy slopes, groves, and meadows in Minecraft 1.18 for Bedrock & Java Editions.

What are Snowy Slopes, Groves, & Meadows, and where you can find them in Minecraft 1.18 for Bedrock & Java Editions?

minecraft 1.18 groves snowy slopes and meadows

As mentioned above these three are the new biomes that have been released in the 1.18 update of the game. Each region has a unique experience to offer you while you explore them. So let us take a look at all of them.

  • Snowy Slopes: As the name suggests Snowy Slopes is a biome where you can find a lot of snow. That means you can easily find powder snow and snow here. Be sure to equip leather boots here in order to travel without any hassle. While the area might be freezing cold you can come across igloos to warm yourself up. And when you explore, keep an eye out for pillagers and goats, as they can attack you.
  • Groves: You can identify if a biome is Grove with the help of spruce trees. This region has a dense population of such trees. You can usually find this biome at the foot or slopes of mountains. It is a mixture of a forest and a snowy area as Groves have a lot of powder snow and dirt blocks. Just like snowy slopes be sure to equip leather boots to traverse this biome. A good thing about Groves is you can find a lot of animals here. Some of the animals that spawn in this biome include cows, chickens, foxes, rabbits, wolves, pigs, and sheep. The animal that you won’t find here is goats.
  • Meadows: Meadows are essentially plains that you can find on a higher altitude. Much like real life, in Minecraft meadows, you can find a lot of grass and flowers. You can distinguish this from other regions in the game as they have a different shade of grass. Plants aren’t the only thing that you’ll find here you can also occasionally come across trees, that won’t happen often. Although if you ever do come across a tree in this region, it should either be an Oak tree or a Birch tree with a bee nest on them.

That sums up this guide on Snowy Slopes, Groves & Meadows in Minecraft 1.18 for Bedrock & Java Editions. If you like playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on best iron levels and best diamond levels in Minecraft 1.18.