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Here’s Your Best Opportunity To Live The Events Of WWII With Sniper Elite VR

If you ever wanted to get a real feel and understanding of how it was during the most violent time in history then you need to check out Sniper Elite VR. This is the same game as Sniper Elite but with VR it takes you straight into the battleground.

Sniper Elite VR lets you take the position of a sniper and live the lives of the people who fought in one of the most brutal battles in all of history, you also get the X-ray vision where you can trace the trajectory of your bullet as it pierces your opponents and you get to see where exactly the damage has been done.

Sniper Elite VR makes perfect use of the VR technology and you will feel the action happen around you, it will surround you and overwhelm you. The game is crafted to make sure that you always feel in danger and in fact danger lurks around every nook and corner.

This is probably as close you will get to relive the events that happened years ago which transformed the world we live in, as people were fighting for their lives, you have the ability to decide the fate of the war.

We’re fans of this franchise and cannot wait until we can get our hands on this one.

With this game, you do get a few new features such as

• A brand new Sniper Elite campaign set in WW2 Italy
• Exclusive first-person gameplay – a series first
• Free movement across levels packed with tactical possibilities
• Visceral X-ray kill camera designed for VR
• Interact with authentic WW2 weapons
• PlayStation Aim and PlayStation Move controller support

As if right now, there is no official release date but it is certain that the game is coming soon.