How To Get Slush Ice In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn all the steps to unlock this brain-freezing ingredient in Dreamlight Valley

If you have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for a while, you must have figured out that collecting materials, cooking and completing various different quests is a major part of the gameplay experience. Recipes in this game can require a variety of ingredients that can only be acquired by completing a set of quests or tasks. One such ingredient is Slush Ice that can only be bought from Remy’s pantry and is used to make desserts like different flavors of Ice-cream and Sorbets. So in this guide we will go through all the steps you need to take to get Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Slush Ice in Dreamlight Valley

The only way to get Slush Ice is to buy it from Chez Remy for 150 Star Coins. But this is only accessible to you after you complete a set of quests and bring Remy to Dreamlight Valley.

Now, in order to interact with Chez Remy, you first need to unlock Ratatouille Realm from Dream Castle. Once you’ve done that follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to interact with Remy and start his quest line.
  • You will need to complete a couple of tasks involving making recipes and help Remy set up his restaurant.
  • Once you have the option to build his house in the village, you need to head back to Dreamlight Valley and trigger construction of Remy’s House for 2000 Star Coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Ice Slush

  • Next up, you need to buy a Restaurant Furniture Kit from Scrooge’s Shop for yet another 2000 Coins to help completely set up Remy’s restaurant in the Valley.
  • Following this, you need to interact with Remy again and he will send you off fetching for some supplies for his restaurant. Find these ingredients and that ends his basic quest line.

Once these needs are fulfilled, Remy will be available to you for any ingredients you need including Slush Ice. You can buy it and consume it directly to gain 225 energy or use it in your recipes for added benefits.

That is all you need to know on how to get Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, check out how to get Coal in the game.