How To Kill Sludge Without Dividing It In Rainbow Six Extraction?

Read this guide to learn how to kill a sludge without dividing it in Rainbow Six Extraction.

The Sludge Monsters in Rainbow Six Extraction can be rather tricky to deal with, and killing them off quickly without dividing them will make your life way easier. You will come across these pests in the Caustic Buddy Challenge, making them all the trickier to deal with. A lot of players have been wondering what the right way is to kill the sludge. Since the challenge states that you can only kill them without dividing them, the entire process proves to be a bit tricky. That’s where our guide comes in. Here, we will show you how to kill the Sludge without having to divide it.

How to Kill Sludge Without Dividing it in Rainbow Six Extraction?


In order to kill the Sludge monster in Rainbow Six Extraction without dividing it, you will need to pick the right weapons. We recommend you try out weapons like the Fragmentation Grenade along with the likes of the Arc Mine and Claymore.

After you pick the right weapon, you need to make sure you make the best out of one shot at a sludge. We recommend you pick an Operator with a Shotgun. Once you do so, you need to head towards the sludge. We recommend you get as close as possible. This will increase your chances of killing it off without dividing it. Upon making your way to the slime, you need to take aim and fire straight at it. When doing so, make sure to aim at the center of the sludge. As long as you kill the slime off without splitting it, you should be good to go.

Alternatively, you can try to use explosives like the grenade we mentioned earlier in this guide. You should use such weapons when taking aim from longer distances.

And that’s it. Following the simple steps in this guide will result in you easily killing Sludge in Rainbow Six Extraction without dividing it. When out to kill these annoying monsters, just remember to use the right weapons. Also, remember to aim in the center if possible for your best chances at not splitting them.

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