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How To Play Slayer In Halo Infinite

Learn how to play Slayer in Halo Infinite from this guide.

Slayer is the Team Deathmatch game mode from the Halo Series and it has made its way into Halo Infinite. Like every Deathmatch, you will have to secure more kills than your opponents before the time runs out. Another way to win is to reach a certain kills goal. Slayer is no different from this. In this guide, I will show you how to play Slayer in Halo Infinite.

How to Play Slayer in Halo Infinite


slayer mode in halo infinite

Like I have said, Slayer is a Team Deathmatch game mode played between two teams. The first team to reach 50 kills (100 kills in bigger team maps) or the team that has the highest kill count by the end of the timer wins. At the start of the round, all players will get basic weapons like Pistols & Assault Rifles. With these weapons, you will have other utilities like Grenades and the like. As the Slayer game progresses, power weapons and vehicles will spawn in and around the map. Gaining control of these types of equipment will put your team at a huge advantage.

Slayer Mode in Halo Infinite does not have its dedicated playlist. So, if you want to play the game mode then you will have to queue in Ranked Arena, Bot Bootcamp, Big Team Battles, and Quick Play. You cannot select only Slayer Mode from these playlists. So you will have to queue in multiple games just to get a chance to play Slayer. Another way to play Slayer is to set up a Custom game, that sets the mode to Slayer. This will allow you to play with your friends in Halo Infinite. Matchmaking with this method is not possible.


Tips & Tricks to Dominate in Slayer

Since Slayer is a Team Deathmatch, getting kills is everything. The most basic tip that will improve your chances in Slayer is to learn the Maps and the Weapons in Halo Infinite. By learning the Map, you can navigate and also predict where the enemies will be. Learning the Weapons will let you understand how to use the weapon in a fight. For example, Rifles deal a lot of damage at a distance while Pistols are best in close-range skirmishes.

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In a game like Halo Infinite, movement is everything. Never stand in one place, keep moving be it walking, crawling, or grappling around the map like Spiderman. If you stay in one spot, you will be a sitting duck. In Halo Infinite, you will have a utility like grenades and shields. Use them to your advantage. The difference between an average player and a skilled player in the game sense of using everything at your disposal. As the game goes on, Power Weapons and Vehicles will spawn. Contest for them as they will change the tide of the game in Halo Infinite.

Players who can play aggressively and capitalize on the opponent’s mistakes and loss will shine as the Victor in the Slayer game. So go all out, throw your nades, drive those vehicles, and shoot those enemies. This was all about how to play Slayer in Halo Infinite. If you want a Visual guide then do Check out our Youtube Video. Hopefully, this guide helped you in answering your questions and winning your games. You can also check our guides on the Weapons Tier List in Halo Infinite.