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Halo Infinite Weapons List: All You Need To Know

Here's all you need to know about the Halo Infinite Weapons List.

With the surprise launch announcement of the Halo Infinite beta during the Xbox 20th anniversary stream, it’s time to learn about the tools of destruction the game provides, its suite of weapons. And spoiler alert! There are a LOT of weapons in this game. Here’s all you need to know about the Halo Infinite Weapons List.

Halo Infinite Weapons List


halo infinite weapons list

Halo Infinite weapon list comprises tried and tested old classics and a myriad of new, never seen before guns divided within the factions that are UNSC, Banished and Forerunner. Let’s start with the ones we know and are accustomed to and slowly make our way into the uncharted territories. So, here goes the list of Halo Infinite weapons in alphabetical order.

Assault Rifle


“This is my rifle, this is my gun.” If there has ever been an IP defining weapon in the history of video games, it is the halo assault rifle. Just a quick peek at this weapon will flash you with visions of it’s history, importance, significance and all the memories you & I have made throughout the past 20 years of this legendary franchise. Just like the game mode itself, this gun is a slayer.

Battle Rifle

Ah, another classic. The halo BR is one of the most renowned and adored weapons amongst the Halo community. Not only does its 3 shot burst shred your foes so fast that they are left with their head scratching as to what hit them. This is one of the most good-feeling and satisfactory weapons to use and it has made its magnificent returning Infinite.


Bulldog Shotgun

Halo games always had a good shotgun that felt good to fire and always packed a punch. The Bulldog here takes the Shotgun game on another level with its tight package spread, fast rate of fire, quick reload speed and a pile of dead Spartans behind its wielder.


An interesting new addition to the Halos arsenal of weapons. With two firing modes, this Grenade Launcher fires projectiles that bounce around walls and corners before exploding and in the second mode fires a micro missile that itself bounces before exploding. A unique weapon with a learning curve, this GL is great for choke points and can blindside your enemies pretty easily.



Remember the DMR? Sadly, that’s not back the same way it used to be but the Commando right here is pretty much it’s successor. A full auto, long-range, scoped rifle(where have I heard that before?), the Commando here can take care of the competition at range or even in close proximity, and based on how fast this gun fires? Oh boy, Red team doesn’t stand a chance!


Since when did the Banished start liking small guns? The Disruptor is a rapid-firing pistol that fires electricity bolts and can disable vehicles because the bolts act as EMP. Not much to say about this one as it doesn’t do much damage to Spartans but is an excellent choice to pin vehicles in place.

Energy Sword

For me Halo is incomplete without the energy sword as I personally LOVE to charge towards other players while wielding this blue, shiny boy. Word of advice, If you ever see someone running towards you with this sword in their hands, you’re dead. Melee weapons are fun and easy to use and with this sword in your hands. you’ll look ten times cooler slaying the battlefield.

Gravity Hammer

Another melee weapon and another powerhouse. This hammer scares me, every time I see someone else with it. It’s powerful, absurd and menacing. If the Energy Sword makes you look cooler than the Gravity Hammer makes you look all the more scarier. It’s back, it’s here and it still acts as the one way ticket to sending your enemies into space.


The Scattershot Shotgun from Halo 4&5 makes its return with a different look and more potent functionality. Just like those games, the projectiles fired from this gun ricochet all over place, this time for much longer. It also comes with 2 firing modes, one being horizontal and the other vertical which acts much more like a traditional shotgun. Learn and master this weapon and then watch enemy Spartans crumble in close range.


A rocket launcher that is a grenade launcher? What? Yeah, that’s probably the best way to describe the Hydra which was first introduced in Halo 5 Guardians. It’s pretty much the same as what it was in Halo 5 except this one comes with one major upgrade. The normal fire mode releases a barrage of small rockets that if fired in the general direction of your foe will wreck them on the other hand the lock on mode is a much slower process but will track and chase your foe. A good weapon overall with much more added functionality for sure.


The Mauler Shotgun Pistol 2.0. This is a precision weapon that fires slugs and can do high damage to the head. The two tusks looking things on its front aren’t for show either and are used in its melee animation. It’s a new weapon which isn’t completely new as it retains a bit of the look and feel of those Halo 3 days.


Who doesn’t remember this little rascal? A close-range SMG of sorts with its prickly needles popping outwards that slowly get pushed down and disintegrate as you fire them. This fires fast, tracks your enemies and then the payload explodes dealing great damage. But the Needler gets bonus points from my end for still being one of the coolest-looking weapons ever.

Plasma Pistol

The noob combo. A phrase synonymous with the Plasma Pistol. Although it doesn’t EMP vehicles anymore this pistol still charge shots like a champ and then with one single punch the enemy Spartan will be lying on the ground. An old friend and a fan favorite, it’s good to see this little monster returning for Halo Infinite.

Pulse Carbine

The Plasma Rifle and The Covenant Carbine have merged into one in this new Pulse Carbine. Just like the old Covenant weapons you have to manage the heat on this 5 burst firing auto rifle of sorts. Its a great option for mid range, it fires slow and has a bit of tracking and is frankly a complete package of a weapon.

Rocket Launcher

Boom goes the rocket, pop goes the weasel. This is a scientific fact! Trust me! This iconic rocket launcher still retains its two barrels and anything that is struck directly with its missile or is unlucky enough to stand in close proximity of the blast will be wiped off from the face of the Earth. Or the face of the Halo in this case. If you have any knowledge of Halo whatsoever, you know this weapon and you know that it needs no explaining.

Sentinel Beam

It’s back! It looks different, sounds different and functions differently than it used to before and it is also missing battery and overheat mechanic. But what it has now is crazy Hugh damage that comes from the ammo you get. Yes, it has hella recoil this time around but my god does it deal a whole heck of a lot of damage!

Shock Rifle

A heavy Sniper Rifle that fires bolts of electricity. Although it lacks a proper zoom scope, this Rifle is still a viable long range weapon and can very much one shot a Spartan with a direct hit to the head. The shock even spreads across multiple Spartans if they are standing in close proximity and can do a decent bit of shock damage to all of them. An interesting addition to say the least.


The one shot Magnum, this pistol is not. A fast firing, high precision damage dealing secondary weapon if you want? This gun delivers. Granted you’ll be busy using the big boy guns on the battlefield, kindly don’t sleep on this one as it very well is quite a respectable piece of weaponry in your kit.


I don’t know in which archetype I can fit this one. A new weapon in Halo Infinite the Skewer looks like a Rocket Launcher, functions like a Sniper Rifle and fires Javelins that kill anything in the way. Yikes. It pretty much one shots anything, be it Spartans or vehicles alike and yes it’s very very scary. I’d steer clear from its way if I were you.

Sniper Rifle

Another classic returns in its full glory. I’ll be honest with you, I am not a sniper rifle guy myself but do I have memories of getting mapped by this gun from across the map throughout all the Halo games. It’s a sniper rifle. Check. It hits harder than a truck. Check. And it’s a community favorite. Check! Whenever you use this gun just remember what Thanos said and go for the head!

Stalker Rifle

A long range covenant DMR, so basically the Covenant Carbine right? Yes and no both. The Stalker Rifle is part DMR part Sniper Rifle because of its range capabilities and high damage. The one caveat it comes with is its slow reload time, since it’s a Covenant/Banished weapon it vents out heat to reload and that can take a minute once you unload its seven shots. Good choice of weapon for high damage at range that’s for sure.


You must have seen this blocky looking red plasma based weapon in the trailers. Doesn’t matter if the answer is a yes or a no, this new plasma grenade launcher thingy is not to be trifled with. It fires 3 round bursts that will destroy enemy Spartans in a single burst if hit directly and then it also has a charged shot which leaves a flaming pool on the ground, once exploded. Yup, powerhouse is what this gun is.

These have been all the known, new and old weapons that Halo Infinite has to offer so far. Whenever there’ll be new additions, tweaks, changes or anything else that happens throughout the life cycles of Halo Infinite you can bet we’ll have it covered here at GamerTweak.

And if you are interested in anything related to Halo Infinite check out our other posts and watch out for more Halo Infinite coverage coming on our website!