Slap City Tier List: Characters Ranked

Slap City Characters Ranked Tier List 2023: We've ranked the best characters. Know the best characters you can use in the game.

Are you looking for a character tier list for Slap City? Well, don’t you worry as we have got your back on that one. We have divided the characters below according to our understanding of the game. These rankings are not the definite ones and are written in accordance with the characters we find the best as well as the community rankings. So, without further ado let’s dive into this list of the best characters ranked.

Slap City Character Ranked Tier List

Slap City Tier List

Ittle Dew S – TIER
Jenny Fox S – TIER
Ruby A – TIER
Flex Fish A – TIER
Masked Ruby A – TIER
Remedy B – TIER
Ultra Fishbunjin C – TIER
Business Casual Man C – TIER
Princess Remedy F – TIER

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Tier S

  • Ittle Dew
  • Jenny Fox

The best of the best in Slap City. These should be your go-to choice of characters in the game.

Tier A

  • Ruby
  • Flex Fish
  • Masked Ruby

The ones that seldom get attention and are overlooked. These characters do stand pretty tough on their own and make valuable additions to the squad.

Tier B

  • Remedy

This Slap City Tier List rank includes characters who play a good bench role. Helpful as backup options so to speak.

Tier C

  • Ultra Fishbunjin
  • Business Casual Man

These characters should really be your last choice while making up a team. Do not have good stats that justify their use.

Tier F

  • Princess Remedy

The ranking says it all. This is simply the worst character of the bunch and is better left alone for good measure. Stay away.

This is everything you need to know about the Slap City Tier List. Here at Gamer Tweak, we have ranked a lot of game characters, so have a look at our Tier List section to look for your favorite characters.

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