Quickest Way to Obtain Skyward Bell in Shadowlands

Skyward Bell spawns on two locations, you cannot just randomly find it. Refer to the map location in this guide to find Skyward Bell in Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands has some mysterious and difficult treasures hidden in remote regions. Skyward Bell is one of them and it is not easy to find. In this guide, I am going to help you with two map locations of Skyward Bell. Also, I will help you with reaching the bell treasure so do not forget to read till the end.

Where to find Skyward Bell in Shadowlands?

The first Skyward Bell can be found at Walk of Recollection and the second one is located on the north of Hero’s Rest. We will proceed with the first one as it is easier to grab. The challenge is to climb up on the mountain to reach where the Bell hovers.

WoW Shadowlands Skyward Bell Location

Reach to the location shown on the map screenshot above. Stand at the exact position and look above. The bell is hovering up near the mountain wall. It’s tricky to reach this spot. You cannot directly climb up but you can teleport to a different spot and then ride all the way to the mountain edge to collect the Skyward Bell. Follow the steps below.

    1. Start Vault of Archone.
    2. Enter the Vault and Teleport to Mnemonic Locus zone (Bastion).
    3. Go east to the Walk of Recollection.
    4. Jump down to the mountainside. Follow the coordinates: 58.20, 64.52.
    5. Follow the road and you will reach the bell.

For the second one which is located towards the North of Hero’s Rest, you will have to put in the extra effort. Follow the coordinates 46.23, 34.80. The bell will be above your head. You will have to jump around a lot to grab this valuable treasure in Shadowlands. The most challenging part to obtain Skyward Bell in Shadowlands is reaching the spawn location. It is easily visible through a distance, but the bell is hovering over a remote area that is not directly on a straight path. It can be the edge of a mountain wall that has an alternate route.

But following the above steps and co-ordinates will help you to collect Skyward Bell in Shadowlands. Also do not forget to check our guide on the Bleakwood Chest location.