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Tips to find Bleakwood Chest in Dominance Keep: Shadowlands Treasure Hunting

Want to loot rare rewards in the Dominance Keep area? Refer to this guide to know about Bleakwood Chest location.

You can loot some exclusive treasure via Bleakwood Chest in Shadowlands. It commonly spawns in the Dominance Keep area and this guide will help you to find them all one by one. Dominance Keep is not a safe region, filled with powerful creatures you will have to carve your way to the loot. In this guide, you can find locations of all 4 Bleakwood Chest in Dominance Keep in this guide.

Al 4 Bleakwood Chest Locations in Shadowlands


Shadowland Bleakwood Chest Location Guide

  1. Chest 1 – 33.87, 29.04
  2. Chest 2 – 32.95, 19.03
  3. Chest 3 – 27.55, 11.92
  4. Chest 4 – 23.70, 28.52

Follow the above co-ordinates to locate all the four Bleakwood Chest in WoW Shadowlands. They are scattered throughout the region. Chest 1 is located at the southern end of the area near the wall. When you are on the co-ordinates you can use the hints to locate the same.


The second chest is on the top of the wall, the third one is on the top of the Tower in the Northern region and finally, the last one is on the west of flight point. Reaching these chests is not easy, they are guarded by powerful enemies. Be prepared before starting to find one of them.

Another challenge is dealing with the elite enemies which are way more powerful than the regular ones. Players on Lower Levels cannot beat them easily, you have to increase your stats and then focus on collecting treasures from all the 4 Bleakwood Chest in the Dominance region of Shadowlands.

Collecting loot from the above co-ordinates will reward you with amazing items. It is worth struggling for, all you need is to get level up enough to target the Elite enemies guarding the region with the chest. Remember the co-ordinate shared above will not take you to the exact Chest location, it will drop you in the area. Use the hints to locate all the 4 Bleakwood Chest in Shadowlands.


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