Guide on How to Summon Mortegore in Shadowlands

Lord Mortegore is an elite NPC in Shadowlands found in Revendreth. You will need Mortegore Scrolls to summon him. Here is how to find all the scrolls.

Want to fight an Elite NPC in Shadowlands then look for Lord Mortegore. A Level 62 Rare Elite NPC with 700k+ health is hiding somewhere in Revendreth. In this guide, I am going to help you with where to find  Mortegore in Shadowlands and how to find Mortegore Scrolls which will the key to summoning him. Mortegore is one of the rare and elite mobs in the game. Finding him will be a little tough as it requires first you to find the scrolls.

Where to find Mortegore Scrolls in Shadowland?

Shadowlands Mortegore Scrolls Location

Maldraxxi Defectors drops Mortegore Scrolls. You will have to find and defeat three of them in the above map location which is Death’s End in Revendreth. You will find them inside the palace, around three Maldraxxi Defectors. Beat them all and collect the Mortegore Scrolls.

Mortegore Scrolls Location

Grab the scrolls and now it’s time to find Lord Mortegore. Defectors have a very low drop rate. You will have to find more and kill them all, approx 20 of them can give you multiple Mortegore Scrolls. You cannot summon the rare NPS via a single scroll, collect around two to three before heading to the final boss location.

How to summon Mortegore in Shadowland?

Mortegore Scrolls

Use the co-ordinates 74.6, 63.0 to locate Mortegore Sigils. Make sure you have multiple scrolls in your inventory. Use the scrolls to light the Sigils they will glow in green. You will have to activate all of them, start with the first on the front and the second at the extreme back near a floating stone.

Mortegore Sigils

This will summon the beast, be ready to deal with him. With a large health bar beating Lord Mortegore will not be easy. Make sure you are prepared with everything before calling him for battle. So this how you can find Mortegore scrolls in Shadowlands and also now you know how to use the scrolls to summon Mortegore in the game.