Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats (PC)

Here are the best Skyrim Console commands and cheats that you can use.

Looking for Skyrim console commands and cheats? Then your wait ends here. A game as vast and heavily modded as Skyrim has a wide range of cheats to choose from. These cheats can only be used via a PC. Right from money & NPC cheats to quest and player commands, we’ve all of them covered right here in this guide.

Best Skyrim PC Console Commands and Cheats

player commands

This guide is divided into different sections that include various types of commands and cheats. But first things first, let us look at the most recommended Skyrim console commands and cheats:

Cheats Description
TGM God Mode (adds infinite health, stamina & magicka)
TIM Immortal Mode
TCAI Toggles combat AI on & off
TAI Toggles non-combat AI on & off
TCL No-Clip mode (fly and move through the environment)
Kill Instantly kills target


Skyrim Money Cheats & NPC Commands

Cheats Description
player.AddItem [item ID] [#] Adds item to Inventory.
Brings dead NPC back to life. Adding ‘1’ will keep their current items intact.
removeallitems Removes all items of any targeted NPC.
tdetect Turns off AI detection but won’t work for pickpocketing.
tc Will allow you take control of the targeted NPC.
Will change the gender of the targeted NPC or yourself.
kill all All non-essential NPC’s will be killed in the area.
player.setscale [#]
Add between 0.1 to 10 in exchange of ‘#’ to change the height of your character or NPC.
set timescale to [#]
Changes the rate of time passage in the game. 1 is real-time while 20 is default.
sw <WeatherID> Set your desired weather in the game.

Skyrim Quest Commands

Cheats Description
Completes all Primary Quest stages (game can crash, not recommended)
saq Start all quests (may cause your PC to crash)
sqt Shows all targets for the current quest
sqo Shows all objectives for the current quest
movetoqt QuestID Moves you to the target of the quest
showquesttargets Shows the Quest IDs for current quests
player.sqs QuestID Shows the stages of a quest
completeQuest <QuestID> Completes a single quest

Skyrim Player Cheats

Cheats Description
Addshout <ShoutID> Adds a shout. Choose from the list here.
SetPlayerRace <Raceid> Your character’s race will be changed.
Access the character creator menu to change your character’s appearance.
fov <#>
Set your field of view. Default setting is 75 and the maximum is 180.
animcam Change the angle of your camera.
player.addspell <variable> Will add a spell to your abilities.
Player.removespell <variable> Removes a spell.
player.advlevel Your character will level up.

How to Use Console Commands on Skyrim

Learning how to use console commands on Skyrim is quite simple. But if you haven’t done it before, then follow the instructions below.

  1. First, you will need to press the tilde (~) key to open the developer console
  2. Now, copy and paste any cheats from our list above.
  3. Press the “~” key again to execute the command.

You will now be able to see your cheat taking effect in the game. With that, we have reached the end of our guide on Skyrim console commands and cheats. For more tips & tricks like this, check out how to install Skyrim mods in our Skyrim section.