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How To Skip & Pass Time In Far Cry 6 | Can You Change Time Of Day?

Are you able to fast forward time and shift from day to night and vice versa in Far Cry 6? Read till the end to know.

Far Cry 6 features a beautiful world that is even more enhanced due to the dynamic weather system. The day/night cycle surely adds to the beauty of the game but can you pass and skip time in Far Cry 6? Now, you would want to do certain missions during the day to get full visibility, so is there a way to fast forward time in the game?

Can you Change the Time of Day in Far Cry 6?

how to fast forward and shift time in far cry 6

No, you cannot change the time of day from day to night time in Far Cry 6. While other games like The Witcher and AC Valhalla have the option of making your character meditate to move time ahead and shift from night to day and vice versa, there’s nothing like this in the game.

I tried various things to pass time from day to night in Far Cry 6:

  • Fast traveling from one part of the map to another.
  • Reloading a checkpoint.
  • Checked if I could sleep in the bed in the Camp.
  • Quitting to the main menu from the save file I was using, opening up another save file, closing it and heading back to the original save file.

None of these attempts worked, so the answer is that no, you cannot pass time in Far Cry 6. It does give players a more realistic and immersive experience, so I am okay with this feature not being available. If you really want to ensure that you do a particular mission during a certain time of the day, simply explore areas in the open world to spend some time until it’s day/night. You can get collect some resources, do fishing, and ‘change the time of day’. And then, you can start your mission from there. There’s a lot to do once you get into the game, so you won’t be wasting any time while you are at it.

I hope that helps you out! If you’d like more of your questions answered, or want to know how to complete missions, uncover some hidden weapons etc, head over to our Far Cry 6 guides on Gamer Tweak!