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Far Cry 6 How To Fish Guide – Get Fishing Rod & Catch Fish

Here's how to get the fishing rod, catch fish, upgrade your fishing rod and customize it too!

Far Cry 6 comes with a fishing minigame mechanic and players who are curious to catch a bunch of fish first need to get their hands on a fishing rod. So, where’s the fishing rod location, and how to catch fish with it? Keep reading to find out!


How to Unlock & Get the Fishing Rod in Far Cry 6 (Location)

To unlock the Fishing rod, all you have to do is get to the main story missions on Isla Santuario and you will obtain it as a reward. To be specific, you need to complete the Fuel The Revolution quest, where you will come across Benito Menguez. You need to kill the Comandante Rosario to get your hands on the Fishing rod after which you are all set to catch fish.

How to Catch Fish in Far Cry 6?

Here’s how fishing works in FC 6. Do these steps in every fishing spot to get a good catch!

  1. Equip the Fishing rod in your hand via the Weapon wheel just like you would equip a weapon.
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button (Right trigger) and release it to cast a line into the water. If you want it to be cast further ahead, hold it for longer. The prompts/buttons to use will be visible on the screen at all times.
  3. Now, it’s a waiting game. When a fish bites and the fishing line is pulled, immediately hook it and reel it in. You need to use the left mouse button (Right trigger) to catch it and reel in by holding the right mouse button (Left Trigger).
  4. Ensure that you are pulling in the direction that’s opposite to the one the fish is moving in. Do it by moving the mouse/right stick on your controller and keep an eye on the fish’s movement and the rod’s strain. Let go if the line is about to break.
  5. That’s pretty much it – you will catch the fish in that fishing spot!

how to customize fishing rod fc6

How to Use Fish in FC6?

how to use fish far cry 6


You can trade the fish for crafting materials at any Juan’s Arms Dealer and Workbenches. Players can also use fish to cook recipes at La cantina. You can trade for recycled fasteners, recycled glass, Yaran Pesos etc.

How to Customize and Upgrade your Fishing Rod?

how to customize upgrade fishing rod fc6


Look for bright orange Tackle boxes (located near fishing spots) which you can use to improve the quality of your Fishing rod and also to change bait that you will require for different fishes. This will help you lure in a variety of fish that you will want to catch during your game. So go ahead and try out the various attachment mods to level up your Fishing skills. The mods can increase reeling speed, reach deep water fishing spots away from the coast and give you more benefits.

Apart from actual improvements, you can also customize the look of your fishing rod which does not affect stats or mods. Choose from Verdant, Ruby, Camo and my favorite, the Gold finish. Collect the mentioned number of Spray Cans to equip them.

So, that’s everything you need to know to become the best Guerrilla Fishing-person in Yara. For more Far Cry 6 tips and tricks, don’t miss our guides.