How To Skip Nibelheim Mission In FF7 Rebirth

Completed the Nibelheim mission during the demo and are itching to see what’s next in the story but don’t want to start over? Well, you are in luck because this mission can be skipped in FF7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake ended with Cloud and the group leaving Midgar in order to go after and stop Sephiroth, as such when you start the second game in the series, the first mission takes place from where things started and why Cloud left Shinra. It is about them stopping at Kalm village and Cloud telling them the story of his hometown. But there is a good chance you must have already completed the Nibelheim mission during the demo of FF7 Rebirth and might want to skip it. So below are the steps you need to follow:

How to Skip the FF7 Rebirth Nibelheim Mission

How To Skip Nibelheim Mission In FF7 Rebirth
Skipping the Nibelheim mission in FF7 Rebirth to resume from Kalm village.

You can skip the Nibel Region mission by scanning your save data from the Bonuses tab on the main screen.

  1. Launch Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. If you are already in the game then go to the main menu, select System, and go to the Title Screen.
  2. Next, go to Bonuses from the main screen.
  3. Click on Check Saved Data.
  4. The game will now check your game for any reward eligibility.
    • After the scan, if you had completed everything you should be able to claim your “Kupo charm and survival set” and “Leviathan Summoning Materia” from the DLC/Bonuses section from the System tab in the Main menu.
  5. Finally, the game will tell you that you can skip this portion of the main scenario.
  6. Now, load the game and play until you complete the basics and tutorials.
  7. After that, during the cutscene, you can press and hold Triangle to skip.
  8. The game will now ask if you would like to skip to the Village.
  9. Choose Yes here and you can continue your playthrough from where things ended in the demo.

That is all for how you can skip the Nibelheim mission in FF7 Rebirth. Since you are interested in this game don’t forget to also check our other guide for it on how to pressure and stagger enemies.