How To Pressure And Stagger Enemies In FF7 Rebirth

Trying to complete the World Intel mission but stuck at the part of having to pressure and stagger your enemies in FF7 Rebirth? Don’t worry here are all the tips you need to find your enemy’s weakness and exploit them to the fullest.

The new Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth much like its predecessor Remake, goes ahead with the real-time battle system over the original game’s turn-based format. As such while it is easier to get into, sometimes having to manage abilities alongside your normal attacks can get confusing. Many people are even claiming that this game’s combat is harder than the previous one. So if you are just starting out or are looking to complete the World Intel mission, here is how you can pressure and stagger your enemy in FF7 Rebirth.

How to Pressure Enemy in FF7 Rebirth

How To Pressure Enemy In FF7 Rebirth
Using Assess Materia to find weakness and pressure enemy in in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

You should get the Assess Materia from Chadley and use it to find your target’s weaknesses. Once done you can do the appropriate magic or physical attack to pressure them. After you assess an enemy you get Yellow text on the left side of the screen. Each enemy has a different weakness, for example, some enemies might be weak against the ice element while for others you may have to block their attacks on time, and there are many more such weaknesses.

  1. Fight with the character that has the Assess Materia equipped on them.
  2. Next, use normal attacks until you can fill up at least 1 ATB bar.
  3. Now, bring up your Command menu during the fight, then go to Abilities.
  4. Here use Assess.
  5. Check your enemy’s weakness then use the appropriate attack.
  6. This will pressure them and also build up their stagger bar.

Tips to Stagger Enemies Faster in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Tips To Pressure Enemies And Stagger Them In FF7 Rebirth
Fighting as Tifa to pressure enemies and stagger them faster in FF7 Rebirth.
  • Complete Character Combat Tutorial: While in Junon you can go to the Chocobo ranch and find Chadley. Here you can access his combat challenges and find combat training tutorials for all 5 characters and even how you can use synergy.
  • Use Tifa: Rather than letting AI control Tifa, it is best you play as her because she is the best character when it comes to pressuring your enemies. This is because of her Focused Strike ability. Not only can she pressure them better but also fill up the bar faster.

How to Stagger Enemies in FF7 Rebirth

The best way to stagger enemies is by pressuring them by using attacks they are weak against. This fills up their stagger bar faster, you can spot it below the target’s HP bar. Staggered enemies also take additional damage so you should try building it up as often as you can.

That is all for how you can pressure and stagger your enemies in FF7 Rebirth. In case you haven’t completed the first game yet, you can check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake section for help with its topics.