The Hunter Call Of The Wild Skill Points Guide

Here's a detailed guide that explains all skills and how to get skill points in The Hunter Call Of The Wild.

Skill Points are used to unlock and upgrade your skills in The Hunter Call of the Wild. In this hunting simulator, you will travel across lush forests with thousands of animals. Each of them has unique needs and behaviors that you can learn. Moreover, you can unlock new abilities to make hunting easier. This guide will explain all the skills you can get in this game.

How to Get Skill Points in Hunter Call of the Wild

Get Skill Points by Increasing Level
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As you progress through the game, you will earn experience. By doing so, your Level will increase. To get Skill Points, all you have to do is increase your level. Harvest Animals, Discover Outposts & Points of Interest, and Complete Missions to increase your in-game level. At the moment, the Level is capped at 60 and the maximum Skill Points you can earn are 22. Moreover, the Skill and Perks points alternate every level till level 37. From level 38, you will get a single point every 3 levels. Since there are so many skills, it is crucial to understand how they work before spending on them.

All Skills Explained

The Skills in this game are divided into two trees i.e. Stalker and Ambusher. They are further divided into Active and Passive abilities. You can activate only one active ability while the passive ones will work throughout. Moreover, certain skills have levels and you can spend more points on them to further make them better. That being said, here are all the skills and what they do:

Stalker Skills

Stalker Skill Tree

  • Track Knowledge
    • Lv1 – Reveals the Gender of the animal while investigating footprints and vocalizations
    • Lv2 – Approx Animal Group Size
    • Lv3 – Approx Weight and Fur Type
  • Soft Feet
    • Lv1 – Reduce noise in foliage like grass and leaves
    • Lv2 – Reduce noise in larger vegetation like bushes and shrubs
  • Improvised Blind
    • Lv1 – Decreases visibility in large bushes & shrubs
  • Disturbed Vegetation
    • Lv1 – Helps to find rare animals and fur by revealing new track type
  • I’m Only Happy When it Rains
    • Lv1 – Decreases visibility in Foggy Weather
    • Lv2 – Decreases visibility in Rainy Weather
  • Hardened
    • Lv1 – Get a 15% increase in Health
  • Connect the Dots
    • Lv1 – Connect the dots on Hunter Mate to track animals
  • Weather Prediction
    • Lv1 – Know when the weather will change
    • Lv2 – Further extend the ability to predict weather
  • Innate Triangulation
    • Lv1 – Decreases the size of the animal vocalization indicator making it easier to pinpoint
  • Endurance
    • Lv1 – Decreases heart rate faster to decrease the time between two shots
  • Wind Prediction
    • Lv1 – Unlocks the ability to detect when the general wind speed will increase
    • Lv2 – Ability to approximate general wind direction and its changes
  • Startle Call
    • Lv1 – Ability to momentarily stop a fleeing animal

Ambusher Skills

Ambusher Skill Tree

  • Spotting Knowledge
    • Lv1 – Reveals Approx Health of the animal
    • Lv2 – Reveals ApproxTrophy Rating and Weight
    • Lv3 – Reveals the Awareness level of the animal
  • Sight Spotting
    • Lv1 – Unlocks the ability to spot animals while in Aim Mode. This means you don’t have to switch to binoculars or a rangefinder
  • Tag
    • Lv1 – Increases duration of the traced outline after spotting
    • Lv2 – Unlocks the ability to add spotting outlines on up to 3 animals simultaneously
  • Scent Tinkerer
    • Lv1 – Increases the number of uses per scent canister
    • Lv2 – Increases duration of all scent lures
    • Lv3 – Increases the range of all scent lures
    • Lv4 – Increases attraction chance of all scent lures
  • Dazed and Confused
    • Lv1 – Adds a random chance of attracting an animal that isn’t attracted by a particular scent
  • The More the Merrier
    • Lv1 – Increases Monetary reward by 5% for completing any mission
  • Fatal Attraction
    • Lv1 – Increases the chance of attracting animals to your location using callers
    • Lv2 – Increases the chance of getting a vocal response from nearby animals while using callers
  • Impact Resistant
    • Lv1 – Reduces fall damage
  • Who’s Deer?
    • Lv1 – Adds a random chance of attracting a species that’s not usually attracted by a particular caller
    • Lv2 – Adds a random chance of getting a vocal response from a species that isn’t usually affected by a particular caller
  • Pack Mule
    • Lv1 – Increases base carry capacity by 15%
  • Keen Eye
    • Lv1 – Adds a chance of revealing Need Zones near Lookout Points
    • Lv2 – Adds a chance of revealing animal groups near Lookout Point
  • Hill Caller
    • Lv1 – Increases attraction range of all callers within 10.00m of a Lookout Point
  • Haggle
    • Lv1 – Reduces cost of all items by 5% in the outpost store

We hope this guide helped you understand how to get skill points and explain what each skill does in Hunter Call of the Wild. If you prefer using trainers then you can check our All Cheats guide on GamerTweak.