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Fortnite: Does It Have Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM)?

Here is what you must know about skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite.

Fortnite has a huge player base, and thus many players have the question of whether the game has skill based matchmaking. As the name suggests this type of matchmaking pairs you up with players of your skill level. So you are unlikely to find players that are playing too good, unless they are smurfs. It is a very neat mechanic that makes the game as fair as possible for everyone. So in this guide let us check whether Fortnite has Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) or not and if it has then how it works.

Does Fortnite Have Skill-Based Matchmaking?


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Yes, Fortnite does have Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM). The game has implemented this mechanism in Solos, Duos, and Trios. And it has been implemented since Season X. SBMM ensures that the players matchmake with other players of the same if not similar skill levels.

The stats that affect SBMM are your victory royales, and most importantly the number of eliminations you get. Players that are new to the game need not worry as newer players will play against bots. This not only allows them to get a feel for the game but also helps them improve their aim and develop game sense. Sure you won’t directly become a pro by playing against bots but it does help newer players at least a bit.


And if you have experience playing shooter games before then worry not you won’t be stuck with bots forever. The more you play, get eliminations & victory roayles every match, the lesser bots you will come across.

As for Duos and Trios, the bots are decided on the lowest skill leveled player of the team. So in such a case both players or all three players in the team have to perform well to get out of bot lobbies.

Finally talking about squads, Epic Games has removed the Skill-Based matchmaking for this mode. It is safe to say there are is a good chance you will come across significantly more bots in this mode.


Lastly, for Arena playlists, Skill-Based Matchmaking works based on your division and the number of Hype points you have.

That covers this guide on whether Fortnite has skill-based matchmaking and how it works. If you frequently play this game then you might find our guide useful on the best controller settings for it. And for more help with this game check out our Fortnite guides.