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How To Pass The Skate Park Challenge In High On Life

Here's a simple guide to pass the Skate Park Challenge in High On Life.

The Skate Park Challenge in High On Life is a mini-game and players are looking for ways to beat it. In this bizarre shooter by Justin Roiland and Squanch Games, you have to save humanity from the alien drug cartel, G3. To do so, you take on the role of an alien bounty hunter and visit various planets and their biomes. These biomes have mini-game challenges that you can complete for rewards and Trick Daddy Skate Park is one of them. This guide will tell you how to complete this challenge.


How to Pass the Skate Park Challenge in High On Life

Score to beat Skate Park Challenge

This challenge is located in Zephyr Paradise’s Upper Valley biome. To gain access, you need to purchase a Warp Disc from Blorto’s hut in Blim City. It costs 8 Warp Crystals so you can check our guide on how to farm them here. Once you get the disc, head over to the warp portal location in Zephyr Paradise. Then, interact with the portal to start the mini-game.

Once you do, a skate park will appear before you. Enter and talk to the three teens to begin. To beat the Skate Park Challenge in High On Life, you have to score more than 42,069 points. While this may seem like a huge score to achieve in a minute, you can do the following things to pass the challenge:

  • Sling around using Knifey without touching the ground. This will increase your score multiplier.
  • Use a jet pack after slinging to stay in the air to get combo points.
  • Max out your sensitivity and put the jet pack on hover mode so you don’t burn more fuel. Spin around while touching the ramps and railings to add points to your score.
  • Before the time runs out, touch the ground to make sure that your points are counted.

Using these tricks, you can easily pass the task. By doing so, you will get a Luglox Chest full of Pesos.

That’s everything on how to pass the Skate Park Challenge in High On Life. For more helpful guides like How to Get Knifey, visit GamerTweak soon.