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SIMS 4 New Expansion Pack Island Living Announced At EA Play

Its holiday time with Mermaids

SIMS 4 new expansion Island Living is announced with tons of cool customization to support the Island Spirit. For the first time in SIMS 4, SIMs can enter the water and enjoy open water gameplay. They can swim, float and enjoy different water activities. This is the first time SIMS 4 will be having a tropical island environment. With nature nearby, players can build up their settlement near beaches, or high on hills and there is an active volcano that can explode with time.

SIMS 4 also features a few aquatic creatures like the cute Dolphins that can befriend in the game. There are also tropical fish giving a more lively touch to the entire ocean scenario. Along with enjoying various holiday activities, there are also different pranks Sims can play on each other.


SIMS 4 Island Living expansion is huge and contains many activities like turning into an environment protector and saving the beaches from plastic waste and other garbage’s. The more island is cleaned the greener and rich it will look.

Similar to the core game mechanism SIMS will have to do certain work to make money like fishing, diving instructor, lifeguard, etc. There are various jobs players can pick to fill their pockets. Players can visit and bump into other SIMS activities like parties, barbeques, etc. The expansion also has spirits which can be unhappy if you are not a good citizen. And one more thing there will be mermaids with some special power.


Finally, SIMS 4 will have something for people of different gender where a pride content will be rolled out soon. SIMS 4 expansion is coming on June 21, 2019 for PC and Mac and July 16, 2019 for Console.

Update: The next game pack for SIMS 4 is Realm of Magic coming this fall.