Sims 4 Cottage Living: How To Get Groceries

Know how to buy groceries like cheese, sugar, flour and more in Sims 4 Cottage Living.

Flour, Sugar and Cheese are just a few of the groceries you can get in Sims 4 Cottage Living. As it is in real life, you have to head to a shop to purchase these items and we will explain exactly where you can go. We’ve also detailed another way to buy them.

Sims 4 Cottage Living Groceries Guide – How to Get Sugar & Flour?

To get some groceries like Sugar, Flour etc, you can visit the local market stall located in Finchwick Neighborhood or order them online.

Sims 4 Cottage Living Groceries Guide

If you wish, you can ask for lower prices or discounts when you head out to purchase these Grocery Shop items. When you interact with the shopkeeper, you will see a pop up with all the prices listed and you can choose the quantity you want to buy. In case you need more funds, you can use a money cheat that we’ve mentioned at the end of this article.

cottage living how to get cheese

When you are at the stall, you can purchase fruits, fish, ingredients, vegetables and cooking books. Plus, you can sell grocery items which you have in excess so that you can make some quick money. All you have to do is click on the shop, choose the Sell option and then pick the grocery items from your inventory that you are willing to sell.

You can also order the groceries online and they will arrive at your doorstep. To do this, click on your phone or the fridge > choose Order a Delivery > Grocery Delivery. Once it is at your location  (which happens pretty fast), Accept the delivery.

How to Make Flour in Cottage Living?

You cannot make Flour in the expansion, you can only purchase it with the ways mentioned above. Buying it is the fastest and easiest way to get your hands on this item.

How to Get More Money

In case you need more funds, you can use a money cheat. First, activate cheats with CTRL + SHIFT + C > typing testingcheats true. Then use money (amount) to get money easily. You can also use motherlode which will give you 50,000 Simoleons and rosebud or kaching which will earn you 1,000 Simoleons.

That’s all about how to get groceries in Sims 4 Cottage Living. Now, if you use cheat codes, we’ve got a list of all Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats that will help you with animal spawns, clothes, treats, traits and more fun stuff. While you are here, check out our guides on how to fix Sims 4 Script Call Failed Error and UI Cheats Extension Not Working issues.

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