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Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head DLC Coming To Dead by Daylight in June, Gameplay Released

It seems that the developer of Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactive would carry out a broadcast to reveal the new horror franchise that would join the game. Well, the date arrived and today it was announced that the said franchise is Silent Hill.

According to the video published at the end of this article, the developer announced that new content will soon arrive for the title thanks to a collaboration with Konami. Specifically, users will be able to select the Pyramid Head as a new killer. It is important to say that it will have the appearance of the iconic character as it appears in Silent Hill 2 and will be known in-game as “The Executioner.”


In any case, the new content will allow users to select Cheryl Mason, as she appears in Silent Hill 3. Also, there will be a new map, The Midwich Elementary School, an iconic location from the first installment of the series.

As per the information, Pyramid Head will carry a blade that will allow it to attack opponents at close range. This weapon will also serve to create a shock wave that will penetrate walls. Something interesting with the addition of this character is that it will also have a power that will allow him to create ditches with his blade and all the people who pass through them will enter the Storm state. In this way, The Executioner will be able to use this ability and will not need a hook to execute the survivor, but can annihilate it on the spot.

Additionally, the developer will add Legendary Outfits, with which players can acquire outfits to change the appearance of the characters. Therefore, more outfits are planned to arrive, but for now the Silent Hill franchise will start, so users will be able to get an optional outfit in the store to transform Cheryl Mason into Lisa Garland, from the original installment of the Series.


The new characters are now available on the test servers and the complete package, which will also give access to the map and a new chapter, will be available from June 16.

We leave you with the reveal trailer and the 10-minute gameplay video below.


Remember that the Silent Hill chapter for Dead by Daylight is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 16. It is expected to also release in the mobile version, but at a later date.