Geoff Keighley Possibly Teases Silent Hill Coming To PS5, Could Be Presented at The Game Awards

One of the main titles of this 2020 year on the gaming front is undoubtedly Silent Hill. Konami’s historic horror brand has been at the center of rumors, indiscretions, and speculations about its possible return to the scene for months. Today, perhaps Geoff Keighley might have launched a small clue about Silent Hill coming to PS5 on Twitter in these recent hours.

The well-known former journalist, now organizer and presenter of the video game events, intervened on the well-known social platform, responding to a tweet sent by Konami to Sony to congratulate the latter for the launch of PS5 by just an emoticon of two eyes wide open, which is enough to make fans’ expectations about Silent Hill coming to PS5.

The latest rumors on the possible return of Silent Hill point to a presentation of the new episode, which has long been rumored to be exclusive to PlayStation 5, during The Game Awards 2020 to be held on December 10th, a show that will be organized by Keighley.

Obviously, in reality, we are always alone in the field of speculations and rumors, there is absolutely nothing that indicates in a credible and certain way that the rumors are founded, the only certainty is that the fans are clamoring for the return of the horror saga.

The cancellation of the Silent Hills project in 2015 and Konami’s progressive disengagement from the video game world has remained a mirage for too many years, the last main episode of the series is now Silent Hill Downpour of 2012, released on PS3 and Xbox 360.