New Silent Hill Could Be Announced At The Game Awards 2020 on December 10

Coinciding with other rumors, the new Silent Hill game would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title.

As time goes on, more and more rumors about the return of Konami’s survival horror game continues to emerge, despite continued denials by the studio about its development. The latest speculation points to the reveal of a new Silent Hill game later in the year, an announcement likely to occur during The Game Awards 2020, on December 10.

The report comes from analyst Roberto Serrano who in the past correctly predicted the first look of PlayStation 5 in June, as well as a State of Play dedicated to said next-gen console in August.

Now, could this project be the continuation of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that Sam Barlow was talking about? Everything can be possible, and at the same time, none of this would be seen, since it must be taken into account that we are talking about rumors, despite how much they already have a great weight due to the number of times we have seen this title in the air.

Likewise, the emphasis was once again on the fact that the survival horror title is possibly exclusive to PlayStation 5. If the latter is true, the project would be a response to the development of The Medium – a psychological horror video game to be released only on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Considering the media impact of the awards and the surprisingness of the titles revealed year after year, such a statement does not seem too far-fetched. Still, the rumor of the new Silent Hill being featured at The Game Awards 2020 should always be taken with a grain of salt.