Kojima Working On New Horror Game With Silent Hill 2 Art Director Masahiro Ito

Konami has two horror games under development

Two new Silent Hill games are under development, the leak came out from different independent sources, interesting thing to notice is Konami is speculated to be working on two horror games under the Silent Hill franchise where Kojima holds one in his pocket and he is working with Silent Hill 2 art director Masahiro Ito as per the info shared in the official source of this news.

To an extent, it is confirmed Konami is bringing back the Silent Hill series, and the two new installments leak will definitely impress the fans. Aesthetic Gamer shared through a tweet that Konami reached to developer a couple of years ago for the Silent Hill series. Among two games one is the soft-reboot and the other one is rumored to be an episodic adventure similar to Telltale games.

Aesthetic Gamer also shared that this is an guess, but there are high chances that both titles will be revealed this year, probably in E3 2020 as per our speculation which is one of the best times for the gaming industry to introduce their projects.

Rely on Horror, a site specializing in providing on info on horror games had also reported a similar update of Silent Hill Project development, that to an extent confirms that not everything is a rumor. Kojima is also being reported working on a new horror game with Silent Hill 2 art director Masahiro Ito.

A lot of things are going around under the Silent Hill roof yet finding concrete evidence on the project is still not happening. Rumor and leaks sound pretty good for the fans who are waiting on the title reboot.

Source: Eurogamer