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Silent Hill Games In Chronological Order (1999 To 2012)

Find all of the Silent Hill games, right from 1999 to 2012, in this article.

Silent Hill is one of the most thrilling horror games available on the market, and it has been around for nearly a couple of decades, and in this article, we have got all the games listed in order. Here, you will find each Silent Hill title, right from the very first one in 1999 to the most recent one. This list includes the likes of Shattered Memories and Downpour too!

Silent Hill Games In Order From 1999 To 2012

Silent Hill (1999) – All Games in Order


This was the first video game in the franchise, and it made its way to excited gamers in the year of 1999. In this edition of the game, you follow Harry Mason in his quest to search for his missing adopted daughter. This story is set in Silent Hill, a scary and mysterious town in New England. When doing so, Harry finds an Asceticist cult who are taking part in a ritual to revive a deity. During this quest, Harry Mason also finds the origins of his daughter.

Silent Hill 2 (2001)


As the name suggests, this is the second game in the now-popular franchise. The year is 2001 and players are high on expectations after the success of the first Silent Hill game. In this iteration, we follow James Sunderland. Sunderland is looking for his dead wife after he receives a letter from her telling him to meet her at Silent Hill. What ensues is an adventurous story that follows Sunderland discovering all about the death of his wife. In 2002, the game’s Director’s Cut edition was thrown open to eager players.

Play Novel: Silent Hill (2001)


As the name suggests, this is a novelized adaptation of the original Silent Hill game. It was released exclusively for Game Boy Advance devices in Japan.

Silent Hill 3 (2003)


In what is the third edition of the Silent Hill franchise, you will follow Heather, a teenage girl who finds herself in conflict with the Silent Hill cult. She also discovers her true origins during the events that transpire in this game. The game is also a direct sequel to the original Silent Hill game.

Silent Hill 4: The Room (2004)


In this installment of Silent Hill, you follow Henry Townsend as he and his neighbors encounter strange occurrences during his time locked inside his apartment. This game also brought to an end the contribution of Team Silent to the game.

Silent Hill: Origins (2007)


The fifth installment of Silent Hill sees the player following the life of Travis Grady. Travis is a truck driver who ends up getting trapped inside Silent Hill after he rescues a girl from perishing in a burning house. As he attempts to rescue the girl, he comes across characters from other editions of the game, forcing him to deal with his past.

Silent Hill: The Arcade (2007)


Two characters make their way to this edition of Silent Hill. They are Eric and Tina. Both of them need to battle past monsters while also trying to uncover the mystery behind Eric’s nightmares. These nightmares involve a girl and a steamship. This edition of the game also allows multiplayer modes, where you can choose to play as either Tina or as Eric.

Silent Hill: The Escape (2007)


This is a mobile-friendly spin-off the Silent Hill franchise. It was first made available for the FOMA phone in Japan, followed by iOS. However, it did suffer because of bad reviews from players.

Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008) – All Games in Order


Installment six of the Silent Hill franchise sees you play the role of Alex Shepherd. Shepherd is a soldier who is back after fighting a war abroad. Upon his arrival back home, Alex notices that his father is missing. To add to the chaos, Alex also discovers that his mother is catatonic, and his younger brother Joshua is missing. The main plot of the game is to try and find Joshua. The game was developed by Double Helix Games in 2008.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2009)


Shattered Memories is the seventh installment of Silent Hill. It is a remastering of the first edition of the game. This means that the original plot of Harry Mason trying to locate his missing daughter remains the same. However, this story is now set in a universe that is different from that of the first one. There are also new characters, along with two parts of the game, the first being a psychotherapy session with an unknown patient and a perspective of Harry’s moments in Silent Hill.

This particular edition of the game takes a break from the other editions, with a focus on puzzle-solving activities.

Silent Hill: Downpour (2012) – All Games in Order


Downpour is the first game in the Silent Hill series to make use of stereoscopic graphics. In the eighth edition of the franchise, you will follow Murphy Pendleton. Pendleton is a prisoner who is left stranded on Silent Hill because of an accident.

Silent Hill HD Collection (2012) – All Games in Order


As the name suggests, this version of the game is simply a high-definition remaster of Silent Hill 2 and 3. Along with the visuals, you also receive new sounds, voices, and trophies.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories (2012)


The Book of Memories edition implements an isometric view over the player’s head, along with a different storyline and recurring creatures from the fictional universe, along with co-op gameplay.

This brings us to the end of this list of all of the Silent Hill games, right from 1999 to 2012. As you can see, there are a fair number of titles over the years, and these games have constantly enthralled and enticed fans for decades.

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