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All Yakuza Games In Order (2023): Chronological & Release Date

Find out the chronological order of all the Yakuza games.

Are you looking for the order in which you should play the Yakuza game series? Well, you are in the right place in that case. We have listed all the 12 games from the franchise in order of their release. If you are very keen on following the timeline, we have also included a chronological order list so you can keep true to the chronology. With all that being said, let’s have a look at the order of the games.

What is the Chronological Order of all the Yakuza games?

  1. Yakuza 0 (takes place in 1988)
  2. Yakuza Kiwami (takes place in 2005)
  3. Yakuza Kiwami 2 (takes place in 2006)
  4. Yakuza 3 (takes place in 2009)
  5. Yakuza 4 (takes place in 2010)
  6. Yakuza 5 (takes place in 2012)
  7. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (takes place in 2016)
  8. Yakuza: Like A Dragon (takes place in 2019)

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Yakuza Games Release Date Order

Mentioned below are the games according to their release date as well as the platforms they were available on.

Yakuza 2006 (PS2)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

The first-ever game according to the release order in the Yakuza franchise. It initially came out in 2005. However, it was limited to just the region of Japan. This PS2 exclusive later came out in September 2006 for the international community. The story takes place as you slip into the boots of Kazuma Kiryu, a Yakuza member wrongly convicted for a crime. You will be transported to Kamurocho, a recreation of the Kabukicho district in Tokyo as you look to clear your name. One of the best storylines to ever come out from a game.

Yakuza 2 2008 (PS2)

Even with Yakuza 2 Japan got early access to the game as it came out in December 2006. The international community had to wait till September 2008 for the same. You again take over the role of Kazuma Kiryu as you recieve a request from your former group, the Tojo Clan. You will go across the storyline on your way to becoming a fierce rival of the Omi Alliance. This game featured some much-improved mechanics and features over the first version. A worthy successor to the first version of the game.

Yakuza 3 2010 (PS3)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

Kazuma Kiryu is back and with a bang. The next Yakuza game in the order now features a new location known as Ryuku. The earlier Kamurocho map also makes a return as part of a much broader map. This widely helped to enhance the game experience and open up the Yakuza world widely. If you are a sharp eye, you might just be able to spot some of the well-known Japanese architectural locations. You will also find yourself at the helm of the Morning Glory Orphanage as you protect it against the Ryudo Family. A worthy successor to some of the best storylines that have come out of video games.

Again, Japan got the first taste of this game almost a year prior to the initial release. It was also the first Yakuza game to feature on the PS3 console.

Yakuza 4 2011 (PS3)

Yakuza 4 is the proper successor to the previous title, Yakuza 3. The events of the game take place exactly a year after that of Yakuza 3. You are again taken back to Kamurocho. However, there are new locations in the form of a huge rooftop area, the backstreets of Rojiura, and the underground section of Kamuchika. There are now three new protagonists in the form of Masayoshi Tanimura, Shun Akiyama, and Taiga Saejima.

Just like before Japan got the first stab at this game in the form of the early regional release on March 5 2010. The international version came out a year later in March 2011.

Yakuza: Dead Souls 2012 (PS3)

Yakuza: Dead Souls is a spinoff game from the main Yakuza series and slots in between the order as a side story. This shows the power and strength of this franchise. Dead Souls acts as a tiny side story that is non-canonical. As was the craze of the time, your enemies this time around were a bunch of brain-hungry zombies. There seems to have been an urgent medical condition in Kamurocho. A suspect outbreak has rendered the residents of the once sprawling district to blood-thirsty corpses. You are tasked with zombie control and finding the source of the virus. However, your ties to the Yakuza will make it difficult for you to get through the horde. So, strap up and get ready for a bumpy and bitey ride in Dead Souls.

Yakuza 5 2015 (PS3, PS4)

Yakuza 5 launched with a title that reads: “Like a Dragon 5: Fulfiller of Dreams”. This is the fifth major installment of the game series. Again Japan got very early access to the game in December 2012. The rest of the world had to wait it out till December 2015 and was also available as a digital edition. With this game came a new graphics engine which made the game a visual treat at the time. This time around you got access to five new locations across Japan along with five new characters that you could take control of. Just like all the other games, you will get to experience the Adventure and Combat modes.

Yakuza 0 2017 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Yakuza 0 is the first game in the release order that travels back in time. The game takes you back to a Japanese landscape from 1988. This happens 17 years before the first-ever Yakuza game. It gives you some backstory as you will be able to follow the path of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. You will be able to see how the fight begins between both of the Yakuza factions as you seek to take control of an area known as the ‘Empty Lot’. It is also one of the titles that gave the series a huge boost. Due to the attention it received, the devs decided to make a remake of the first-ever version of the game.

Yakuza Kiwami 2017 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

Yakuza Kiwami is the remake of the very first Yakuza game. With this remake, the very first Yakuza game makes an entry onto the new-at-the-time PS4 console. The storyline remains the same with the only difference being the new and improved graphics. The game was one of the most widely praised titles once it came out. Worth trying if you are a fan of the series.

Yakuza 6 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

Yakuza 6 is one of the most important games in the order of the game series. It is the first game that featured the whole new Dragon Game Engine. You will get to experience the Kamurocho location in Third Person View. However, you will now get to experience a whole new area in the form of the Onomichi city in Hiroshima Prefecture. You will again take over the role of Kazuma Kiryu who has recently been released after a 3-year sentence as part of the events from the previous game. Old man Kiryu will now face all-new enemies due to the power vacuum created due to Yakuza 5’s events.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is again a remake of the Yakuza 2 game. This too is a remake to introduce the game to the PS4 console. It hugely benefitted from the all-new game engine. This gave it a massive visual boost that completely set it apart. While the basic plotline stays the same, you get to experience the visuals much better thanks to the Dragon Game Engine.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection 2019 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

The Yakuza Remastered Collection is one of the most important games in the Yakuza series order. With this remaster, all the previous titles from the series saw a refresh. Based on the new Dragon game engine, games were suited for better graphics of the newer consoles. Plus, you get to go back and visit some of the best storylines to ever come out of a videogame franchise.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon 2020 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC)

Yakuza Games In Chronological Order: Release Date And More

Like a Dragon is a breath of fresh air in the Yakuza series. As part of this game, you take a break from Kiryu and take over the role of Ichiban Kasuga. Ichiban seems to be on a path similar to Kiryu as he too had been wrongly imprisoned. After being released you will find out that your former boss betrays you and leaves you hanging. Follow the storyline as you seek to be the lone hero looking for redemption, and most importantly, revenge.

This is everything you need to know about the Complete Chronological Order of the Yakuza Game Series. While you are here you can also have a look at the best new PS4 and PS5 games to play this month.