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Silent Hill 4: The Room Rated By PEGI for PC, Remake/Remaster Announcement Coming Soon?

After the first two Metal Gear Solid, the fourth installment of Konami’s famous horror series, Silent Hill 4: The Room, has also been rated by the well-known European video game classification body.


According to what has emerged in the past few hours, PEGI has recently rated a PC version of Silent Hill 4: The Room. So, after the recent release of the first two chapters of Metal Gear Solid on GOG, and the chances of seeing a remake of the famous horror title made in Konami are very high.

As can be seen from the image, which you can conveniently find at the bottom of this article, the title was rated by PEGI, without reporting further information regarding the hypothetical release date. Below you can find the description available on the website of the well-known European classification body for video games:

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Konami Digital Entertainment BV

Survival horror game in which Henry Townsend explores a series of supernatural worlds and finds himself in conflict with an undead serial killer.

For the uninitiated, Silent Hill 4: The Room was the last of the titles in the series released way back in 2004 on the PlayStation 2, although at that time it was not a Sony exclusive, as Konami’s horror was released even on Xbox and PC.

Moreover, given that even the second and third installments of the famous franchise of the Japanese giant have received PC versions over the years, will they also be close to classification by PEGI?

At the moment there is no certainty about it, but it would certainly be great news for all those who are waiting for the announcement of the much-rumored Silent Hill for PlayStation 5.