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Destiny 2 Signal Intercepted Quest Guide – How to start and finish the Quest?

Signal Intercepted Quest is a new quest in Destiny 2. If you are looking for details to start this mission and tips on how to complete this then keep reading.

Destiny 2 recent updates add a fresh new Quest in the game. Called as Signal Intercepted Quest it is a way to Vicarious Visions’ Matt Helsom. He worked on Destiny 2 Vicarious Visions, Bungie added him in a small hidden quest in the game. If you are looking to unlock this quest and tips on how to complete Intercepted Quest then continue reading.


How to start Intercepted Quest in Destiny 2?

Single Intercepted quest info will appear on your screen as you log in to Destiny 2. But there will be no waypoint to track it down. The quest is hidden and finding it without any help is time-consuming. Go to Mars and find Braytech Futurescape fast travel point. It is located on the North of the map near to Ana Bray. She is the one who will also give you the Nascent Dawn quest that consists of different sequences and objectives.

How to complete Intercepted Quest in Destiny 2?

Go to Braytech Futurescape building and go left. A little left to Ana Bray, walk towards the statue of Rasputin. You will have to walk outside until you came across a circular pipe. While walking you will have squeeze through a narrow tube to reach to the other side. It is a long tube you will be able to find this easily.

On the other side, there is a small room with a datapad on a computer. This is an empty whiskey glass and sticker of Hunter’s snake symbol. Interact with the datapad and talk to Ana Bray.

She will reward you with Memories of Helsom and some backstory of Helsom in the Destiny Universe. She will also gift you an Exotic Cipher which is a highly valuable currency in Destiny 2.


This is how you can start and complete Intercepted Quest in Destiny 2. It is a simple quest that does not require you to struggle through boss fights. The main goal is to find the room with the datapad, interact with it, and return to Ana Bray. By doing this you can get an exotic cipher that requires a lot of grinding in Destiny 2.