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How to Complete Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn Quest

Nascent Dawn quest has five different objectives and each has multiple steps. Want to know how to complete the Nascent Dawn quest fast, then read this guide.

In Destiny 2 Ana Bray will give you Nascent Dawn Quest which has a chain of missions to complete. Complete the quest will reward you with Braytech Scout Rifle. The problem is not easy to finish, if you do not know the exact steps you will keep running in around. To save your time I am going to list all the objectives of Nascent Dawn and how to complete them.


How to complete  Nascent Dawn Quest in Destiny 2

There are around five sequences of Nascent Dawn Quest, and each has different objectives. The quest is delivered by Ana Bray and players will have to complete the previous weeks’ quest before playing the new quest. There can be a lot of things pending on your list. Playing Nascent Dawn Quest is time-consuming but it comes with a sweet reward in the end. You will unlock Braytech RWP MK II scout rifle.

Nascent Dawn – Sequence 1 (Week 1 Challenges)

In the first Nascent Dawn, the quest is on Mars. Most of the objectives in the first sequence of the quest is easy, but there is only one that will eat your time. In this step, you have to collect 4 Resonant Stems & combine them in Override Frequency. The next step is to take the new item to the Sleeper Node in Dynamo Approach. If you are on this step remember to follow the steps.

  • Finish 3 Patrol Missions on Mars
  • Finish Lost Sector
  • Combine 4 Resonant Stems into an Override Frequency & Track down Sleeper Node
  • Upload Memory and return to Ana Bray

Nascent Dawn – Sequence 2 (Week 2 Challenges)


For the second sequence of the Nascent Dawn quest, you will have to earn Javelin Kills. For this take part in Escalation Protocol or Public Event. You cannot proceed with the Heroic Adventure until you are done with the previous challenges of Mars.

  • Get 25 Javelin Kills
  • Complete Heroic Adventure, Psionic Potential
  • Go to Sleeper Mode in  Maadim Subterrane Lost Sector. It is on the right of Glacial Drift Fast Travel Point.
  • Upload Memory and return to Ana Bray
  • Reward: Braytech RWP MK II scout rifle.

Nascent Dawn – Sequence 3 (Week 3 Challenges)

For the third challenge Unlock Level 10 of Escalation Protocol. Sleeper Node is located in Olympus Descent. Look at the south end of the  map, below Glacial Drift fast travel point. You have to pass through the cave system.

  • Finish 10 levels of Escalation Protocol
  • Finish 3 Strikes
  • Go to Sleeper Node in Olympus Descent
  • Upload Memory and return to Ana Bray
  • Reward: Masterwork version of the Braytech RWP MK. II scout rifle


Nascent Dawn – Sequence 4 (Week 4 Challenges)

For the fourth challenge, you will have to complete a special mission on IO. After completing this locate the Sleeper Node that is on the top of Rasputin’s Chamber.

  • Get 5 Precision Multi-Kills without reloading by using the Scout Rifle.
  • Earn 20 Standard Kills using the Scout Rifle.
  • Finish mission Fury on IO.
  • Open the Sleeper Node in Rasputin
  • Upload Memory and return to Ana Bray
  • Reward: Polaris Lance Exotic scout rifle

Nascent Dawn – Sequence 5 (Week 5 Challenges)

The final challenge has different tasks including multi-kills using Javelin. You will have to finish PvP matches and complete a special mission on Mars. After this open the Alton Dynamo Sleeper Node that is located near Number 39 in all Latent Memory Fragment Map.

  • Get 15 Multi-kills using Javelin
  • Finish 3 PvP Matches
  • Complete a quest on Mars to disrupt Hive ritual.
  • Open Sleeper Node in Alton Dynamo
  • Upload memory and return to Ana Bray
  • Reward: Polaris Lance Catalyst

That’s it, you have now completed all the Nascent Dawn quest in Destiny 2.