AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris: How To Beat Heavy Cavalry?

Here's how to take down and defeat Heavy Cavalry in AC Valhalla DLC The Siege of Paris.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC The Siege of Paris expansion brings a new enemy type called Heavy Cavalry which can be a bit difficult to beat. These new units have a massive attack range and deal tons of damage if you don’t take them down soon. So if you struggling to defeat these new units, here’s how to easily defeat and beat Heavy Cavalry in AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris.

How to Beat Heavy Cavalry in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris?

How to Beat Cavalry in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris

To beat Heavy Cavalry in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris you should use poison and fire arrows to shoot them in the head from a distance. This is the most effective way to take them down easily. You can throw spears and other weapons from any fallen enemy soldiers nearby too for instant damage. With this perspective, here are the best abilities you should equip while facing Cavalry units:

  • Ranged Fire Strike: Set fire to your arrow tip and hit it to set anything on flames.
  • Ranged Poison Strike: Applies a poisonous concoction to the tips of your arrow.
  • Missile Reversal: Catch and throw any projectiles back to their sender.

If you are trying to use melee weapons them you should only strike them where they are not protected by their shields. If a Cavalry soldier is holding a shield on right, move towards the left to attack them as much as possible each time you get an opportunity. But given the amount of attack damage they can do to you, you might want to stick with ranged weapons.

The second most important thing to keep in mind is that avoid mounting on your horse for any melee attacks. Eivor can’t do any effective attacks while on a horse. Unless you are planning to use arrows as we mentioned above. This will be a good idea if you are in an open area. But in tight places be on your feet to easily dodge all incoming attacks while you keep shooting arrows.

That’s all about how to take down and beat Heavy Cavalry in AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris. While you are here, make sure to check out our AC Valhalla wiki for more guides like how to get rid of the Rat Swarm, Kill Or Spare Final Boss Choice, and All Trophies in Siege Of Paris.