Who Is Shroud’s Girlfriend? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Here's all you need to know about Shroud's ex and present girlfriend.

Shroud is probably the best FPS streamer that we have seen in recent years, beating the likes of Ninja and even Dr. Disrespect, but did you know that his gaming brilliance is actually infectious.  His past and current relationships have all resulted in his steaming life to be mangled with gaming for better or for worse.

If you’re curious about who Shroud’s girlfriend is, you should get some background on Shroud himself first. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek or better known as just Shroud is a popular Twitch Streamer who like many others first found his footing in competitive eSports.

Shroud was on the roster of Cloud9, compLexity, and Exertus eSports in the past before leaving that and finding an audience for himself on the popular streaming platform Twitch. Soon after he started streaming, with his amazing abilities Shroud had a huge following for himself often breaking streaming records.

More and more people wanted to see Shroud play live and were more than happy to support one of the most accurate gunslingers in streaming. Shroud found huge success with popular games like PUBG, Apex Legends, Escape From Tarkov, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Shroud’s EX-Girlfriend: Jessica Rago

But often in his stream, you will find him playing with someone else, this hasn’t happened as much as people would like it, but more often than not Shroud likes to bring in his girlfriend and play with her.

This all started when Shroud began dating Jessica Rago, with whom Shroud was immediately infatuated and you could see this Canadian born streamer pour his heart out for her in support.

Jessica too had her roots in eSports as she worked for OGN global and then later moving on to LolPro and finally to HyperX. This is where she and Shroud started seeing more of her and he was immediately smitten.

Jessica and Shroud began dating when she worked for HyperX before that Jessica had worked as an English teacher at the Korean Poly School between 2012 and 2014. When Shroud and Jessica were together, they had two dogs which are favourite topics among Shroud’s regular Twitch audience.

Though Shroud and Jessica would not stay together forever and would eventually break-up ending her appearance in his streams and moving out of the limelight.

Why Shroud And Jessica Rago Broke Up?

The nature of the breakup is unknown, and both people have kept their private lives and reasons behind the break up private but it would be a while before Shroud would start seeing someone else.

In the midst of all of this, Shroud went from streaming exclusively on Twitch for Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer until it was taken down by Microsoft after a lacklustre performance in audience response.

Shroud’s Present Girlfriend: Hannah Kenedy aka Bnans

Shroud went back to Twitch but this time, there was someone else by his side. Shroud met Hannah Kenedy better known as “Bnans”. A fellow streamer like Shroud, Hannah understood what it means to be an ace streamer and has supported Shroud since.

Hannah has been a gamer ever since she was a child and streaming is something that comes naturally to her, you can check out her streams where you can see Shroud pop up from time to time, to encourage and coach her at times.

These two make a perfect pair who understand each other needs as well as the needs of hardcore fans who wish to see their individual quality shine bright in their work. Together Shroud and Bnans have created a detailing their process of how to be perfect streamers delivering quality day in and out while keeping people interested in their individual streams and also the relationship.

Michael and Hannah seem perfect together, like two peas in a pod and since the relationship has blossomed, both of the streamers have seen their name in pop culture many times over the months.

Although it was difficult to see Shroud be with someone else other than Jessica when the couple broke up. Hannah has provided a completely different dynamic to the relationship elevating it to another level where it looks like both streamers are putting out their best content forth.

Shroud is back with Twitch which disrupted the entire world not only for his comeback but also the hideously beard that he’s been growing on, which he claims he’s too lazy to remove, and somehow Hannah seems to be okay with it.

Hannah and Michael seem to be like a match meant to happen and we’re all glad to see a streaming powerhouse be created with both of them pulling in higher numbers than ever before.

Shroud and Bnans have been together for more than a year and we hope they will be together for many years as this is one relationship that we would like to see blossom further.