Genshin Impact Shrines of Depths Unlock Guide – Where’s the key?

Shrines of Depths is a place with a free treasure chest. It is not easy to access it is locked and the key is the only way to get inside.

Some places in Genshin Impact are special. That is why they are not easy to access. One of them in Shrines of Depths, a location with a treasure chest. You can loot valuable items from this place but to access this a special key is required. Thankfully Genshin Impact has many Shrines of Depths around the map. If you know how to find the key to unlock these special structures you will find a key to the treasure. In this article, I will help you out with the same. How to open Shrines of Depths in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock Shrines of Depth?

Genshin Impact Depth of Shrines Unlock Guide

The key to unlocking Shrines of Depth is hidden in World Quest and Abyssal Domain dungeons. Whenever you come across one of the special structures interact and you will unlock a quest. This can be a part of World Quest or you will have to complete Abyssal Domain dungeons. Complete the objectives first and you will be rewarded with a key. You can earn two types of keys, they are listed below.

  • Mondstadt Shrine of Depths key
  • Liyue Shrine of Depths Key

Missions or Quest associated with the key will only unlock when you interact with Shrines of Depth in Genshin Impact. I am not going to share the exact locations, they are scattered around the web. In short Shrines of Depth are not complicated to locate. The challenge is the key to the door, and this can be found by playing World Quest or by completing Abyssal Domain dungeons.

Remember these two points and you will be able to unlock a ton of treasures in Genshin Impact. There is no other requirement to unlock Shrines of Depth in the game. The key is the only thing you will have to obtain. They are in total 20 Shrines of Depth in Genshin Impact, which points towards a lot of loot in the game.

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